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Career Advancement

"Why a company should hire you as a personnel, operations, deployment manager."

I believe that I would be an excellent candidate for a deployment manager because of my extraordinary combination of experience, education, and acumen. I have been exposed to a variety of high-pressure situations and have always handled myself in a diligent and professional manner. I have experience as a program integrator and deployment manager, a deployment readiness officer and logistical coordinator, a central issue manager, and a deployment mission manger. All of these positions have provided an environment in which I have been able to fine tune many of the skills that are needed to fulfill a personnel, operations, and deployment manager.

I attribute much of the success that I have so far achieved in my career to my self-motivation and military professionalism. The military taught me a lot about maintaining a professional composure through some of the most extreme situations. This, coupled with a natural love for problem solving, has allowed me to develop an acumen that is relevant to business and organizations in general. Throughout my career, I have shown that I can exhibit a strong analytical mind and utilize valuable research skills which includes expertise in organizational transformations, human resource management, inventory control, materials management, and IT integrations among others.

One of the skills that I believe is highly relevant to the position includes communication skills. I communicate skillfully even when the information is of a technical and complex nature. I have learned to transmit such information easily and concisely; this includes preparing effective proposals, reports, and presentations utilizing charts and graphs as well as develop policies, writing staff summaries, talking points and procedures as well as managing and facilitate training sessions. I have had the opportunity to communicate from many different perspectives in an organization as well as through almost every medium imaginable. This skill allows me to effectively manage teams as well as conduct comprehensive training programs to deliver new skills when needed.

Furthermore, my career has already provided me the opportunity to work as a deployment manager. At this post I was able to exhibit superior strategic leadership and program management success by directing all deployment functions, including manning and deployment logistics in support of more than 250 contract personnel worldwide. I also worked to optimize achievement of operational objectives by developing detailed plans and establishing goals, as well as analyzing, balancing and reconciling program requirements with available resources while also providing technical oversight as needed.

Furthermore, I believe that diversity in my career achievements have shown that I can excel in a variety of different situations. This flexibility can be an invaluable asset to the position I would like to fill. For example, as a logistical coordinator I was able to establish metrics that facilitate daily accountability in operations which exemplifies my ability to work on a tactile level. However, I have also shown the ability to work effectively on a strategic level on many occasions. The ability to adapt to the situation is a skill that I possess that I believe will allow me to effectively serve in this position.

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