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It is a shame I have to write you about these things, Jacqueline, but you leave me no choice. It is not too late for you to change your life, although I wish you had done so before I became involved with you. Doing so would have made things a lot less difficult between us, and much more fulfilling. However, it is clear that you need to make positive changes in three areas of your life. You need to improve your honesty, selflessness, and perseverance in order to have a true, successful relationship with anyone.

The main thing keeping you from having a successful relationship with anyone is your lack of honesty. You may have had succeeded in business being dishonest, and doing so may help you to manage your considerable finances even now. However, in interpersonal relationships dishonesty only leads to disaster. You must stop lying in order to have trust in a relationship. You lie about things that are both important and unimportant. You cannot continue to simply tell a lie any time it is convenient to justify your actions, and continue to be in a relationship with someone. You must choose one or the other.

To succeed in a personal relationship you must also learn to practice selflessness, certainly more than you do now. Describing you as selfish is an understatement. So long as you are provided for—as long as you have a roof over your head, transportation at your disposal, food and clothing you buy or already possess, and money to spend on these things—you do not concern yourself with these needs for another. Your actions in our relationship were based on fulfilling your needs. You were not empathetic in the least when mites were attacking me at your place—simply because they were not attacking you. Considering the needs of others and adopting a more selfless attitude will surely help you to have a meaningful relationship with someone.

It is also necessary to increase your perseverance to sustain a long term personal relationship with another. Following through on things you say or initiate is not one of your better points. In fact, you frequently give up on something at the first sign of adversity. A small example of this fact is the manuscript we began working on about your pet canary. I outlined the tale and wrote it. You were tasked with doing the illustrations. You only did five before you started working on other things with your art. This experience is only…

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