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Change for the Better

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It is a shame I have to write you about these things, Jacqueline, but you leave me no choice. It is not too late for you to change your life, although I wish you had done so before I became involved with you. Doing so would have made things a lot less difficult between us, and much more fulfilling. However, it is clear that you need to make positive changes in three areas of your life. You need to improve your honesty, selflessness, and perseverance in order to have a true, successful relationship with anyone.
The main thing keeping you from having a successful relationship with anyone is your lack of honesty. You may have had succeeded in business being dishonest, and doing so may help you to manage your considerable finances even now. However, in interpersonal relationships dishonesty only leads to disaster. You must stop lying in order to…… [Read More]

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Lives of Female Saints in

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Women identified their hrist Jesus who was food during mass as the redemption of humanity. The women believed reaching spirituality was through food, since naturally they were food from their ability to breastfeed. The Medieval women associated the breast as seen in Holy mother, Mary's own breastfeeding as a Eucharistic feeding of the soul.

The painting also indicates that to the Female saints of the Middle Ages, prayer was an important element in their connection to God. In the "The life and Miracles of Saint Godelieve," Godelieve makes prayer requests and offerings of food to God, that are answered by angels who bring delicacies for the poor.

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This article carries out an analysis of anthropological studies of the medieval times, and looks into the connection of the body,…… [Read More]

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Lives Artists Volume 2 Giorgio Vasari Peter

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Lives Artists: Volume 2 Giorgio Vasari, Peter Murray, George Bull, Book Review -The audience read book, give

Essentially, the author of the work of literature entitled Lives of the Artist, Volume 2, created this work in order to immortalize artists who painted approximately during the time of the Renaissance. Some of these individuals who are depicted in this book are famous and are known by posterity without this piece of literature; others, however, are decidedly less so. In the latter case Vasari's work serves to preserve some of the memorable facets of the character behind the artist. In all cases, he helps to build the legend of these devoted artists while also portraying them as regular humans. To the end that Vasari is simply issuing a collection of remembrances and overviews of a plethora of different artists, this manuscript does not explicitly have a thesis. Additionally, the author is not…… [Read More]

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Lives of the Saints Vittorio's Grandfather's Self-Marginalization

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Lives of the Saints: Vittorio's Grandfather's Self-Marginalization

Nino icci's novel, Lives of the Saints, centers on the scandal occurring in the small Italian village of Valle De Sole, an area which houses a society dominated by the notions of religion and superstition. Cristina Innocente, a local woman whose husband has left for the United States years before finds herself pregnant from an encounter with a mysterious blue-eyed stranger, and her seven-year-old son Vittorio is left to face the narrow-mindedness and judgment his family faces from both their own relatives and the inhabitants of the small town they live in.

One character who deals directly with the scandal within the Innocent family is Vittorio's grandfather. In living with the now societally-scorned Christina, Vittorio's grandfather, torn between his family duties and his position as the town's mayor, is forced into a powerless position despite his high political status. Christina's actions have not…… [Read More]


Ricci, Nino. Lives of the Saints. New York, NY: Knopf Publishing Group. 1990. Print.

Lives of the Saints