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Welcoming the Metro Sexual Male and Saying Goodbye to the "Perfect" Woman

Beauty has always been emphasized in popular culture. But currents are pulling in different directions today as the myth of women's perfection is heightened by the exposure of photoshopped pictorials and as female comics like Lena Dunham take the "sexy" out of Sex and the City by portraying realistic womanhood with all its fat, wrinkles, spots and imperfections. As for men, the once rugged masculinity of the John Wayne type has given over to the Bradley Cooper/Tim Gunn type of well-groomed "metro sexuality." In one sense, it appears that the idea of woman as goddess is being, to an extent, displaced (or at least rivaled) by the idea of man as Adonis. In short, beauty -- in terms of manicured nails, good skin, and full-bodied hair -- is no longer just for women.

Evidence for this stunning claim is found in NY Daily News, which reports a 66% increase in the sale of male beauty treatment products from 2011-12, putting men on pace to be at par with women in the purchasing of such products ("Men Spending More to Look Good"). This statistic supports what can readily be observed in the
...Several websites like have published articles devoted solely to the art of "manscaping" (Hafferkamp). Hafferkamp asks the most important question of the day for the modern metro sexual: "To manscape, or not to manscape?" (Hafferkamp). In other words, should a male wax, shave, pluck, apply chemicals, or resort to electrolysis in his efforts to remove unsightly hairs from his body (whether face, chest, or pubic area)? What was once a question reserved for women has now become one asked by men. The art of manscaping -- of paying particular attention to the private region of a man's body -- is thoroughly discussed by Hafferkamp. The site is geared towards gay men, but in today's market place, straight men are taking their lead from their gay counterparts -- and the perfect example of that is the television show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, in which gay males with a flair for fashion give straight men a fashion makeover. Gay men have for years been known for their fastidious tastes. What Queer Eye did…

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