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Fashion Essays (Examples)

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Analysis of Prescriptive Dress
Words: 953 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44052978
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Fashion Culture About Prescriptive Dress
Dressing is considered as one of the major symbols or indicators of an individual’s culture, socio-economic status, moral standards, and social power. Throughout the history of mankind, particularly in the 21st Century, dressing has been utilized as a symbol of enforcing class differences in terms of socio-economic status. In some cases, dressing or dress code is utilized as a powerful tool to negotiate and organize social relations. Dressing acts as a powerful social tool since clothing is a cultural process that materializes social value. Through this process, clothing is the culmination of a procedure that merges the production of fashion and culture. Clothing is not only considered as a second skin, but a tool that alters the body and gives people social value.
One of the forms of dressing that has dominated fashion in today’s society is prescriptive dress, which is also known as prescription…

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