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Now that Chick Fil A is opening up more chains nationally, it will become more difficult to stay where they are on the advertising level. With the lack of funds to advertise nationally on television, better advertising plans need to take affect. The billboards, radio spots, and outdoor events could be maintained in the cities the new chains are opening in.

Chick Fil A knows this is an increasing issue and to increase sales and keep advertising on the same level, they have increased their menu. They have added a breakfast menu, they were the first fast food chain to add the fruit salad, and for the healthy consumer they have added a Charbroiled Sandwich. Adding healthier items to their menus, research has shown this to increase their sales as well. The ad campaign "Eat More Chikin" has done amazingly well. Reminding consumers chicken is a better alternative to hamburgers and the ad is amusing to see. Consumers not only want quality fast food but they want it to be a healthy alternative as well.

Chick Fil A is a family oriented company, they take pride in being a family community," to that aspect they could increase their sales and have a new ad campaign by adding a play area for children in their free standing chains. They could have it enclosed such as some McDonalds have for weather purposes. Their competition has done it and has shown to be a success. Bring in the kids on a hot or rainy day and enjoy the food while your kids play. It could be an added bonus parents would enjoy.

Consumers have shown they can find amusement in almost any aspect. The "Eat

More Chikin" campaign has really been a success. It is all over, from cups to banners to wallpaper for computers and even magnets. When a consumer see that ad, the immediately think of Chick Fil A. None of their competition has come up with something so amusing and fun to see. By making it fun, amusing, and catchy it is something that sticks to the mind. What started out as a simple advertisement has become logo for the company and is a key symbol for the company. In keeping with the "Eat More Chikin" motto, the advertising agency will have to keep this in their campaigns. It is what the consumers want and it has been a success for Chick Fil A.

Chick Fil A has again made it's mark on the consumers. Even though they are on a budget with their advertising they have proven by keeping ads simple and unique will keep increasing their sales.

In society today, consumers are more aware of the need to be healthy as opposed to say ten years ago when everything was about "meat and potatoes." What you ate wasn't as big a factor as it is today. Consumers also eat in fast food chains more than they did ten years ago.

If Chick Fil A were to go global they would be encouraging consumers to "eat More Chikin" because it is a healthier way to eat. The ad would still be amusing and catchy no matter what language, and the brand would still be known as Chick Fil A.

The profit margin would increase as well.

A downside would be, are consumers as health conscious in other countries as they are here? Chick Fil A would definitely have to research and see how much chicken is consumed by people in other countries.

Chick Fil A could be taking a risk moving global. It may be more of a loss to go global. The cost of U.S. fast food in other countries are extremely high. Would consumers purchase Chick Fil A as they would here because of the cost. Also if we were to take into consideration the social responsibility of the company, would it still be the same in other countries? There are many factors to consider if Chick Fil A were to be global.

I am very impressed with Chick Fil A. It is quite an achievement to be the second largest chicken fast food chain and not even be fully national. While their competitors are scrambling to keep up and pay high prices for national advertising, Chick Fil A has surpassed them with minimal advertising and by being unique. Their competitors should see Chick Fil A as an example, it doesn't take big bucks…

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