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Molly is a girl that some people had written off. Some of those people being her own parents. It may sound a bit callous, but her parents did not believe in her at one point. Whether it was bad grades or something else, Molly had to deal with the lack of faith from others. Still, Molly persevered and through writing some of her pain, she was able to a second chance at higher learning.

Molly was born from a loving police officer father. In fact, her brothers are now police officers too. She grew up understanding that hard work and a polite demeanor were essential to progressing in life and although she had some hiccups along the way, carried that into college. Hiccups for lack of a better word were something Molly experienced a couple times in her life.

High school was a major hiccup. She had several things to deal with in high school and because of that, her grades suffered. These low grades affected not just her, but her parent's idea of her. In a way, they lost faith in her and would not pay for her college. Perhaps it was...


Regardless, Molly began working hard to pay and register for college on her own.

Things did not begin easily however. When Molly first began college, she has some issues. Understandably so seeing as she was paying for college on her own and had no financial support. Her first attempt at a nursing program got her kicked out of school. However, in her admission essay to another nursing program she got back in school, and from there, Molly grew and blossomed, earning better grades and proving to everyone that she was the exception and the wherewithal to persevere.

Persevering is an admirable trait. People often say it is not the strongest or smartest that make it, but rather the one that endures. Molly represent endurance, a hard work ethic, and a strength of heart unrivaled. She did what few could even amidst multiple failures. She is a shining example of never giving up, even when things look down.

Because Molly never gave up, she is here today, doing well in school and in the future, becoming a great nurse. I asked Molly what favorite era she had in mind in terms of living in. She told me the 1930's. She told me people back then believed in hard work and were polite to each other. Molly comes off as a polite and caring individual. These are the hallmarks of a great nurse. Hard workers and polite, caring people surrounding her, picturing her in the 1930, it makes sense she would want to live in that era.

The 1930's was an era of hard work. People worked in factories and other places, grinding hours just to feed their families. The internet did not exist back then and schooling was not as widespread as it is now. Whatever people earned back then, they cherished.

People of…

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