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Communication Memo - Protest of Health Insurance Fees

What is the purpose of your memo?

This memo presents the position of the Campus WHATEVER Club that single employees should not be charged the same insurance fees as married people paying for family coverage.

Describe your primary audience.

The primary audience is the president of the University.

Is there a secondary audience for the memo?

The memo could also be sent to the Board of Trustees, Vice President for Administration and the head of the Human Resources department, who are all responsible for decisions regarding employee insurance benefits.

Brainstorm for a few moments,
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jotting down points to be covered in the memo.

The proposal discriminates against single employees.

Married people with those with family coverage will incur more medical expenses and should be asked to pay additional premiums per family member. The proposal causes low morale among single employees. Some may even have to take extra jobs to pay for the bigger insurance rates, which could adversely affect their job performance.

Points to cover/outline (in order of coverage)

Married people and people with family coverage will incur bigger medical expenses.

It is unfair to make single people shoulder these extra expenses.


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