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Stakeholder Analysis

Identification of Stakeholders

Stakeholder Communication

Identification of Stakeholders

Stakeholders are defined as those groups of people or individuals who have the potential to exert influence on an organization. They are the individuals or groups that help businesses and organizations to be successful.

Stakeholders have certain expectations from the company in a very similar manner as an organization needs support from the stakeholders and hence the assessment of the degree to which these expectations are managed to be satisfied by the organization in a balanced fashion is a value that indicates the current and future performance of the organization.

There are two essential groups of stakeholders in relation to any company -- internal and external. The stakeholders who normally are not in the pay role of an organization and who are not directly associated with the company are termed as external stakeholders. One the other hand the people directly connected to an organization are known as internal stakeholders.

The stakeholders for the health care system are:

1) Consumers who are generally the patients, the caregivers, and the patient advocacy organizations.

These are the people or groups who receive the services from the health care organizations and industry. For health care sector it is important that these stakeholders remain satisfied and their treatment is critical for proper and sustainable functioning of health care organizations. These stakeholders are generally on the organization pay role.

3) Health care institutions like hospital systems and medical clinics and their associations

These organizations in themselves are the units that deliver health care to patients and hence their role and importance in the health care system is very critical. The importance is in the structured and well informed health care decisions in an institutional system.

4) Purchasers and payers

A very important role in the health care sector is played by these stakeholders as they provide coverage for treatment to patients and influences the diagnostic and treatment choices.

5) Health care industry associations

This stakeholder helps provide guidance and shapes the future policies for the sector.

6) Health care policymakers at the Federal, State, and local levels

Based on the best available evidence, the rules and regulations at…

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