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Community Health Nursing

Lansdowne, Phila-Delaware County

Community Description

Delaware County is a host to Lansdowne, which is, located about eight kilometers Southwest of Philadelphia. The community has achieved a tremendous growth, which began during the early stages of the 20th Century. The hasty pace of growth is a result of existence of a railroad stop. The establishment of the railroad influenced the development of human settlement particularly along the railway line with urban developers replacing the informal settlement with relatively more permanent and modernized houses (Cole & Foster 2001). The borough has emerged to be one of the fastest growing sub-economies in Delaware County and Pennsylvania at large since the time it was christened after Marques of Lansdowne. Establishment of the community close to the junction of Baltimore Pike and Lansdowne Avenue has been one of the contributing factors to its massive growth and development since the beginning of the 20th Century. In the wake of the wave industrialization in the United States and other countries across the globe, the community had its own share of development testimony commanding a significant amount of resources. Some of the development activities that goes on in Delaware County and Pennsylvania by extension have become a reality due to the major contributions of Lansdowne towards realization of economic, social, and political stability of the region (Cole & Foster 2001).

During the early stages of Lansdowne's construction particularly at the beginning of the twentieth century, many residents of Philadelphia used it as a vacation resort. However, it would later turn out as one of the residential borough in Delaware County. Although Lansdowne has a vibrant commercial hub next to the original railroad stop, the bigger chunk of its land is residential. Some of the commercial activities that went on along the railroad stop have immensely contributed to the progresses the borough has realized despite the economic, political, and social challenges the United States has faced in the past few decades. With a land size of approximately 3.1 square kilometers, community is famous with some of the world's best light industrial edifices. However, such building have been on decline in the past few years which in effect has paved way for the construction of more modernized residential units (Schultz 2006).


The region had a population of 10, 579 people according to the 2010 census. In addition, over 2, 749 families and 4, 724 households reside in the area and are projected to rise tremendously in the next few years. With it's over 5000 housing units, the community's population stood at 9, 382 persons for every square mile as of 2010 census. Furthermore, Lansdowne has African-American constituting 44.6% of its entire population, 47.1% white, 3.6 Asian, 0.16% Native Americans, and the remaining 4.73% comprising other races. Despite the existence of Americans belonging to different races, the borough has recorded substantial growth and development socially, economically, and culturally without any instances of racial discrimination pitting the different races residing in there. Proper planning mechanism of the Delaware County authorities has immensely contributed to the apparent organization of its infrastructure thereby reducing any probable congestion.

Economic Status

The borough's vast resources have enhanced growth of its economy since establishment at the start of the twentieth century. According to the 2010 census, the income per capiat stood at $70, 177 with only a skimpy 0.4% of its population and 0.6% of families living below the poverty line. The 2010 estimates also indicate that the average income for every household is $40, 013 while that of families stood at $50, 649. The borough served as a vacation resort for not only the County residents but also the people of Philadelphia in general. This attracted many revenues, which were in turn used in improving the infrastructure (Schultz 2006). Despite the many challenges that United States has faced in the recent past mainly resulting from harsh economic tomes and political instability, the borough of Lansdowne has emerged as one of the ideal destinations for domestic tourists who came in large numbers
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aboard horse as well as rail. Its historic buildings such as Park Historic District, Twentieth Century Club, and Lansdowne Theatre draw revenues. The borough has achieved considerable growth economically and faced different challenges, which have threatened to ground its economic accomplishments. Political maturity has however contributed to the higher pace of production. The community, in essence, has enjoyed relative peace and stability in the past decades hence the realization of its numerous substantial development strategies and goals (Schultz 2006).

Neighborhood/Community Safety Inventory

The borough has accomplished considerable progress in terms of Community Safety record. The outstanding planning scheme as projected by the county authorities has enhanced the realization of both short-term and long-term goals as far as safety and security of the community together with its neighbors is concerned (Awasthy 2009). The community system inventory has brought together the residents emanating from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Despite the diversity in terms of political and economic aspirations and projections, the residents have managed to put to the fore the fundamental tenets that would ensure growth economically and politically while putting aside self-interests and ambitions. This, in essence, has enhanced cohesion and harmony among different races in not only Lansdowne but also Delaware County in general. Apparently, community assessment would take into consideration the economic status of the population, community safety inventory, and cultural assessment (Awasthy 2009).

Cultural Assessment

As a community, residents of Lansdowne recognize and appreciate the significance of culture in the integration process. In the early part of the 20th century, many residents of Philadelphia used to travel to the borough of Lansdowne. During that period, the area was a famous vacation (Awasthy 2009). The presence of various cultural artifacts has enhanced the development of Lansdowne as a cultural hub pitting people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds who could come in large numbers by rail and horse to take pleasure in the environment and rich culture of the borough of Lansdowne. The Lansdowne theatre, Lansdowne Park Historic District, and Henry Albertson Historic District are some of the historic building, which has attracted a huge number of domestic tourists. The community also has plans to re-open the theatre. The Memorial Day and Halloween are two markets, which have played key part as source of fresh groceries including traditional herbs, produce, and food items (Awasthy 2009).

Disaster Assessment

The community has invested in unswerving disaster management strategies to enhance safety of the locals as well as visitors who mainly come to the borough as domestic tourists. The disaster management body incorporated the fire department in December 4, 1894. In addition, they provided the career ambulance service along with the volunteer fire services (Schultz 2006). The fire department mainly deals with inferno tragedies in commercial buildings, market places, and residential buildings among other areas of concern. The Clifford Heights, Yeadon, East Lansdowne, and Garrett ford-Drexel Hill are fire companies that supplement the services of community's fire service. In general, the fire department is charged with the responsibility to coordinate the activities in case of an outbreak. The community is also equipped with facilities to manage incidences of flooding though it has never experienced such a calamity (Schultz 2006).

Planning Guide

A Planning Guide is a detailed description of critical decisions, which aim at changing the environment and way of life of the people. The Lansdowne community has a comprehensive planning guide that spells out some of the fundamental projections aimed at changing the broad set up for the better in terms of social, economic, cultural, and political aspects of the society (Cole & Foster 2001).

Interpreting the collected data using concepts of epidemiology (e.g., birth rate, death rate)

The borough's birth rate as well as death rate shows large disparities. The birth rate is almost twice the death rate. The…

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