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Community Service Retirement

I went to a local retirement home for a half day of volunteer service not long ago, in part because I needed some service for my degree but also because of a death of the grandparent of a friend. That had gotten me thinking about what it was really like to be around people as they lived out their lives. Where they just tied to medical devises and routines, and what might it be like to talk about their memories. I had heard that a lot of people remembered the good parts of their accomplishments as their lives started coming to a close.

I was wrong on many fronts. Particularly the one about the memories. As it turned out, I found myself in the midst of a confrontation on a battlefield of a war of opposites!

Dave was one of the characters; Allan the...


Dave had spent his entire career as a Coast Guard officer and a federal marshal. He had been involved in guarding judges, transferring prisoners, and otherwise protecting high-level officials. Before becoming a marshal, he had served his commitment in the Coast Guard and then signed on for active reserve duty. He had apparently gotten punished for an administrative disagreement and ended up losing much of his pension and good standing.

Allan, on the other hand, was apparently a pretty well-known and aggressive entrepreneur. He had help start some successful new retail businesses, and then turned to working with nonprofits to show them how to open a for-profit business to earn revenues for the charity. Apparently he developed some notable projects. By the end of his career he had lost his money through weak investments and housing properties. Then it turned out he couldn't find work because he was too expensive as a staff person and…

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