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Cognitive and Affective Aspects of Creativity

Creativity begins with both the cognitive and affective realm as there is something of a bridge between the cognitive and affective components of creativity. Although the two factors cannot be effectively separated, the balance between the two aspects is subject to some debate when trying to understand what prompts the initiation of creativity. Creativity can be roughly defined as the ability to respond to stimuli in a new way -- to think differently and try new things. Teaching creativity can be a challenging affair since it involves both cognitive and affective learning processes. Although the thought processes are largely cognitive in nature, they are undoubtedly influenced by body language and attitude in any given situation.

One study looked at developing a differentiated approach for teaching mathematics to a group of middle school students as well as using the same differentiated approach to non-gifted students of the same age to help provide insights to the cognitive and affective creativity factors involved in the educational instruction and how they might affect these groups (Altinatas & Ozdemir, 2014). The study found that there was a significant increase in creative thinking skills based on flexibility, fluency,


The authors concluded that differentiated activities which are enriched, based on creative thinking, project-based, based on dominant intelligences and content, process, product and learning environment changes can be vital tools in the process of developing effective strategies to teach creativity.

Given the importance of creativity in many environments within the globalized economy, researchers have also pursued the dynamic balance present between these factors from the perspective of the business world. A knowledge of creativity can assist in the development of effective managerial practices in a dynamic organizational context. One study investigated what is referred to as an "affective shift" among 102 employees in different organizational positions. The researchers defined an affective shift as the dynamic movements between positive and negative affect; high creativity results if a person experiences an episode of negative affect that is followed by a decrease in negative affect and an increase in positive affect, a process referred…

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Altinatas, E., & Ozdemir, A. (2014). The Effect of the Developed Differentation Approach on Students' Creativity. International Journal of Academic Research, 102-105.

Bledow, R., Rosing, K., & Frese, M. (2013). A Dynamic Perspective on Affect and Creativity. Academy of Management Journal, 432-450.

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