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Conflicts are common occurrences and part of human life. At the workplace or homes, people have conflicts, which could be either foreseen or spontaneous. Managers at workplaces always grapple with the problem of solving conflicts that arise within the organization among the workers. If managed well, conflicts can lead to fortunes. Managers need to ensure that workers live harmoniously and with understanding among each other. There are two types of conflicts: personalized conflicts and substantive conflicts. Personalized conflicts are those conflicts informed by the emotions and anger. They lack objectivity and purpose. People who engage in personalized conflicts are often in pursuit of selfish emotional satisfaction. In contrast, substantive conflicts are those that entail logical arguments often relating to work and profession. If managed well, substantive conflicts bring fortunes to the parties. At the workplace, managers deal with such conflicts so that they can keep organizations intact (Shachar, 2011).

Source of conflict within an organization

As presented in the article, conflicts normally arise from within the activities that employees do as required by the management....


Some are triggered by emotional reactions to each other while others are on matters of principle. Conflict of interest is one characteristic source of conflict in organizations. On this, conflicts can be said to be arising from the fact that people have differing interests at the workplace. They have divergent interests the can lead to conflicts if not addressed and sorted amicably. In a conflict characterized by a lack of understanding and ill motives, the parties are likely to differ on the mandate with which they can relate. In a conflict that touches on the work requirements, losses occur to the parties as well as to the organization. This justifies the actions aimed at making the conflict subdued. In a crisis, proper management of conflict can lead to extensive gains (Guttman, 2009).

Conflict resolution

Conflicts within an organization are mainly those, which involve the employees. In this sense, the conflicts can be said to be touching mostly on the Human Resource Management. HR people end up with most conflicts to solve at their desk than any other people within the organization. However, other leaders within the organization still play a role in the management of these conflicts. In a situation where the managers have a responsibility over the employees' situation, it becomes apparent that conflicts tend to be resolved as soon they arise. At times, conflicts may involve the HR people themselves and other members of the organization. This will take the attention of the senior managers to solve (Shachar, 2011).

In a situation characterized by the use of a management-by-objectives (MBO)…

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