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Constitution, Marriage as an Institution Between Man and Woman

Marriage is defined as a social binding, under which a woman and man make a decision to live like a wife and husband through religious ceremonies and legal commitments. For along time this is the way marriage has been described, however in the present world man and man, as well as woman and woman unions are fighting for legal inclusion in the constitution, to as identified as legitimate marriages (Bhikkhu, (2005).

Supporting the Amendments

When dealing with woman to woman union or gay marriage we are discussion about a very minute fraction of this country's population. Very small fractions of individuals in this country practice these unfamiliar unions. The highest percentages of people in this country are straight. Individuals who are interested in gay relationships or 'marriage' they should do so without taking away the original, special, and initial meaning of the term marriage. Even if gay was to lawfully today, the lifestyle of these people practicing gay will never be acceptable to the norms and traditions of the society. Those advocating for gay marriage ought to remember that, they need not to alter, change, or modify marriage definition and lessen its meaning for the reasons of feeling more tolerated and accepted in the society (Craig and Clyde, 2007).

Against the Amendments

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gendered have the right to legally marry their loved ones, just like…

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