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To include: Rangers, Special Forces, Delta Force, Special Air Service, Special Boat Service and Navy SEALs. (Dunnigan, 2010) As a result, many people within the U.S. military and the government will often discuss the valuable services that these companies are providing. Where, private security contractors can bring a wide range of experience with them, in dealing with a host of possible security challenges that could be faced within a theater of operations.

However, the main reason why both government and military personal have such favorable views of private security contractors, is because they are professionals and are effective at achieving their objectives. What is happening, is the personnel that private security firms can introduce to a conflict, can help prevent a situation from going to bad to worse. Where, a possible insurgent or terrorist attack that could send most people running; will cause these individuals to remain at their positions. What makes the private security companies so respected; is that they do not back down in face of adversity or challenges. Instead, they will maintain their positions and will continue to secure the perimeter in the face of numerically superior odds. This is important, because one of the biggest challenges that U.S. forces have been facing, is encouraging the military and police units that they are training to engage the enemy. When the private security companies can be able to maintain their positions and will secure the perimeter no matter what, this improves security on the ground. Where, the insurgents or terrorists can not use a small attack, as a way to create instability. A good example of this occurred in Al Kut (during 2003) and Najaf (during 2004). What happened was, private security contractors would come under heavy fire during insurgent attacks on their bases. To prevent the enemy from gaining control, the expertise of these contractors, would help them to fend off several different waves of possible enemy attacks. Given the proximity of where both incidents occurred (the Sunni Triangle), this would serve as a litmus test for gauging the resolve and strength of private security contractors. (Dunnigan, 2010) At which point, these styles of attacks would become less, as the professionalism and knowledge would show, how cunning private security firms are dealing with host of security situations. As a result, a number of military and government officials describe the services that these companies are providing as valuable. Evidence of this can be seen with a survey that was conducted by Rand. Where, they found that 62% of military personnel and 75% of diplomats; describe the various services that are being provided by these companies as valuable. (Dunnigan, 2010) This is significant, because it shows that in certain aspects, private security contractors are not fleecing the tax payer. Instead, they are providing a service that is helping to protect government officials and military personnel from a variety of attacks. Therefore, one could effectively argue that private security contractors are serving their intended purposes. Where, they are using their different skills and tactics, to achieve this objective as effectively as possible.

However, the fact that many private security contractors have a certain amount of impunity means that their actions cause those of the government and the military to be viewed in a negative light. A good example of this can be seen with, a 2006 GAO study which said, "These companies are profiting at the expense of the tax payers. The perception that DOD and other government agencies are deploying [private security contractors] who abuse and mistreat people can fan anti-American sentiment and strengthen insurgents, even when no abuses are taking place." (Whitelaw, 2010) This is important, because it shows how the use of private security contractors can cause the civilian government's efforts to defeat the Taliban). This is important, because it shows how the actions of American contractors are helping to increase the negative perceptions of government and organizations that are using them. Where, they are seen as nothing more than the mercenaries who will shoot and kill innocent people, without cause. ("Afghanistan Private Security Contractors Banned," 2010)

What all of this shows, is that private security companies do provide a significant benefits to tax payers. As they help to protect important government officials and they are securing vital military / private interests. Yet, the aggressive nature of these companies and the shoot first ask questions later type of attitude, is making the situation worse. Where, these organizations are viewed as nothing more than roving hit squads. Over the course of time, this can eat away at the government's effort to win the hearts and minds of the population. As this is causing many people to be see private security contractors, as no better than the terrorists. Once this occurs, it can cause the security challenges inside a country to become more difficult. In many ways, one could argue that the complicated arrangement is what makes this issue so challenging, with these companies known for providing highly trained services. Yet, the way some of these different tactics are applied and how they achieve their mission, can make the situation worse. As a result, private security companies are a benefit to the tax payers, by helping them achieve various security objectives. Yet, they are also a burden as their actions can cause the costs to increase, with helping, to push people, to join the insurgency or terrorist organizations.

The possible roles that these organizations will play in the future

When you look at the overall role that these organizations will play in the future, it is clear that they will have an increasingly important part, in helping to support and augment the mission of various government / corporate interests. What is happening is the reduction of U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan has been causing, the overall number of private security contractors to increase. This is because roles and duties of private security contractors are changing, as they are required to play an increasingly important part in security operations overseas. With more providing security and addressing various duties, that were once limited to military personnel. According to Steve Schooner, a professor of Government Contracting at George Washington University Law School, the risks of war are shifting to private contractors, as the number of deaths has been continually rising. This because the troop draw downs are creating shift in the security situation, as the military is turning over a number of responsibilities to private contractors. At which point, the number of private security contractor deaths and casualties will begin to consistently increase. Evidence of this can be seen by looking no further than U.S. contractor deaths, as they have begun to climb by 25% over the last few years. This is because, a shift is occurring in the number of contractors that are exposed to a variety of hostile situations in these countries. Commenting about what was occurring Schooner said, "It's extremely likely that a generation ago, each one of these contractors' deaths would have been a military death. As troop deaths have fallen, contractor deaths have risen. It's not a pretty picture." This is significant, because it shows the changing roles that are occurring in the private security industry. Where, an increasing number of governments and corporations are relying on their services to augment changes in the security situation. As a result, one can infer that the future of private…

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