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Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

A corporation that responds positively towards social issues is considered socially acceptable. There are some corporate social responsibility initiatives which the firm should take in order to get socially responsible. There are five main corporate social responsibility initiatives: Philanthropy, Work/Life programs, Community redevelopment, Acceptance of whistle blowers and Environmental protection.


The first way is to donate a lot to charities. These include hospitals, colleges and nursing homes. Many institutions rely on charity from corporations to continue their work. Many corporations strive to make sure that their donations are used for the benefit of the end user and the ones who actually need it. The new generation philanthropists desire maximum social impact in return for their donations. These philanthropists study donation plans as any normal business plan. (Dubrin 74-105)

Work/Life Programs

The corporations can also help their own employees by teaching them to balance their work and lives. In this way, the employees live a more satisfied life and become more productive. Organizations take social action by training the employees about time management. There are different programs that help the employees in this aspect but the most popular one remains to be flextime as it has shown considerable improvements in studies. (Dubrin 74-105)

Community Redevelopment

An organization may also invest in redeveloping distraught communities as a part of a social responsibility initiative. This initiative is sometimes considered a part of philanthropy. Organizations invest in building different houses and companies in a distressed community as an attempt to reclaim it. The corporation may also provide job training to the talented individuals of that community and by doing so it may also help the community get rid of crimes that are committed by frustrated youth. (Dubrin 74-105)

Whistle Blowers

These are people who report the wrong doings of an organization to the parties who can take action. A good social initiative would be accept these whistle blowers so that the immoralities are reduced. The whistle blowers must be patient as it takes years to resolve the issues that are created by corrupt official in an organization. (Dubrin 74-105)

Compassionate Downsizing

This step is taken by organizations to reduce the size of their operations to reduce their costs and boost their profits. By doing so, an organization shows its willingness to benefit the stakeholders and other companies. A negative effect of downsizing is that the employees, that are made redundant, cannot get jobs immediately.

Protecting the Environment

Nowadays, this has become an important dilemma for many corporations. This is considered a giant leap towards getting socially responsible. This environment protection leap requires an organization to go green. It requires them to play their part in creating a sustainable environment for future generations. Technically, it requires any organization to create processes that produce less pollution (Environmental Friendly) and cost lesser (Economically Viable). The initiative also requires the corporation to employ a pragmatic approach rather than thinking of the task as impossible. There are multifarious approaches to create an environmental friendly product that a company can use. The corporation may also invest to employ technology that is environmental friendly. (Dubrin 74-105)

Creation of an Ethical Workplace

Being ethical helps a company in avoiding huge fines related to unethical behavior and actions. There are agencies in different countries that fine corporation for wrongdoings in their premises. In addition to that, talented individuals are attracted towards corporations that have an ethical environment. To exploit the benefits of an ethical workplace, managers strive hard to make a workplace that is socially responsible. A socially responsible workplace is also necessary for the corporation itself to be socially responsible. However, attaining a socially responsible workplace is not just a matter good luck or common sense. Managers strive hard with other relevant officials to attain a work place which is socially acceptable. They may take the following steps. (Dubrin 74-105) (

Formal Bodies Monitoring Ethics

The managers…

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