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Corporate Social Responsibility Essays (Examples)

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Ethics and Social Responsibility in Marketing
Words: 328 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 96192050
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Marketing and Social Responsibility

One of the major objectives of marketers is to increase profits for businesses while ensuring customer satisfaction through providing quality products at the right place and price. When marketing services, marketers are also faced with the need to provide pertinent information to customers and establish a suitable environment for the delivery of their services. However, marketing of products that are legal but potentially harmful is characterized by criticism from the society and concerned stakeholders, especially when the manufacturer increases profits (Buchanan, Elliott & Johnson, 2009). These criticisms emerge from ethical concerns and increased pressures for such organizations to operate in a socially responsible manner. While companies manufacturing potentially harmful goods have the legal rights to market their products, they face increased pressures to do so in a socially responsible and ethical manner because of the probable impact of their products on the society.
In light of…

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Global Approaches to Corporate Entities Business International
Words: 972 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46984686
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BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL Business International: Global Approaches to Corporate EntitiesLease is used to acquiring special property rights so that the beneficiary can attain an asset (Merrill, 2020). Various types of leases have their specified policies and details, which the involved parties have to abide by. Since it is a special agreement, the legal commitment and ownership have to be looked into carefully. This paper aims at reflecting upon a selected countrys lease agreements, distinguishing between a corporate entity and sole proprietors, and the extent to which the countrys government identified and enforced the rules for corporate social responsibility.Enforcement of Lease for Real PropertyGermany enforces its lease for real property in two ways. The commercial property is leased for a fixed term, for instance, ten years or an indefinite time that could be decided by the two parties (Will & Emery, 2020). The lease agreements for residential properties could be decided for…


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Organizational Performance Evidence from UAE Banking'sector
Words: 2054 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 34557586
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Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Organizational Performance: Evidence from UAE Banking sector
The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is not a new one. CSR has come to be corporate strategic responsibility in the sense that it is a significant component of corporate international business strategies (Isaksson, Kiessling, and Harvey, 2014). In the present day, CSR is acknowledged as having the potential for not only differentiation but also positioning within the global marketplace. Furthermore, it is deemed to be a pivotal implement for a firm’s longstanding legality and profitability. Since its inception, CSR has advanced to become a strategy employed by firms to facilitate value addition in their reputation (Isaksson et al., 2014). Global corporations are presently challenged with more intricate interrelations and diversified interests from various stakeholders. It is not sufficient to solely care for consumers and suppliers, but rather also the parties that can, may and…

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How Qatari Corporations are Engaging in CSR Practices
Words: 3227 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 96570641
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The Role of Organizational Drivers and Communication on the Adoption of CSR Activities
Today, corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices are becoming increasingly commonplace, and a majority of Fortune 500 corporations as well as small- to medium-sized enterprises are implementing these activities to promote their public image and improve their corporate reputations. Despite these trends, there remains a dearth of timely and relevant studies concerning what types of CSR practices are most effective in achieving organizational goals and how best to communicate information concerning investments in different CSR activities .The purpose of this final component of a three-part study is identify potential internal and external drivers for CSR initiatives as well as the level of communication for CSR initiatives in Qatari companies. In addition, a special section concerning corporate citizenship has also been included as a valuable supplement to the study.
Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship, CSR, greenwashing, Qatar…

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Ethics and Governance leading to Sustainability
Words: 2453 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 17754796
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In the contemporary business world, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are common elements that cannot be overlooked. Both CSR and sustainability aim to contribute to society's goals through various approaches (Lim and Greenwood 2017). This paper presents a case study to establish CST and sustainable approaches utilized by the company SUZHOU GOOD-ARK Electronics Co., Ltd, based in China. The analysis will be done using a responsible innovation inventory to determine the various aspects of CSR and sustainability used by the company. The general analysis of the company's responsible innovation will be done through the responsible business mindset framework.
Case description
SUZHOU GOOD-ARK Electronics Co., Ltd is a Jiangsu-based company with its operations in the discrete devices and integrated circuit packaging businesses. The company's primary products are diodes, surface-mounted devices, bridge rectifiers, photovoltaic bypass integrated modules, quad flat no-lead (QFN) package integrated circuits (IC), and dual flat no-lead package…

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CSR Activities and Organizations Internal Culture
Words: 3499 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30038806
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Albrecht Discount Inc is popularly called Aldi. It is a family owned discount chain supermarket headquartered in Germany. Aldi is composed of two distinct businesses. They include the Aldi Sud and Aldi Nord. The two are both economically and legally independent but family related. The company has dominated the market of global grocery retailing. It owns and operates a chain of other discount outlets across Australia, Europe, and the US. The company deals with general merchandise and food products among them meat products such as refrigerated foods, fresh meat, frozen meat, snacks, bakery produce, pantry items, beverages, dairy produce, and sweets.
Since its inception, Aldi has been gradually internationalizing its business. It started by entering Australia through acquiring Hofer retail chain. Then, the business expanded in the United States, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Ireland, and the UK. Today, Aldi is active in the European market and nine European countries. In…

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Corporate Social Responsibilities Comparison of CSR Practices
Words: 873 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61469748
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Corporate Social esponsibilities

Comparison of CS Practices

In the 21st century, attaining some degree of social responsibility is recognized as a business quality that most corporations use in their daily operations to keep being in business Enquist, Edvardsson, & Petros, 2008.

The inclusion of social responsibility into a corporation helps to form a connection between the corporation's objectives with the idea of sustainable developments Samuel & Walter, 2009.

Corporate social responsibility helps corporations to show their ethical concern for sustainable development and that for their stakeholders. In this paper, a comparison of corporate social responsibility of three companies is given.

CS practices of IKEA, Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) and Starbucks compared

H&M philosophy in conducting business as the third largest retailer of clothing in the world is to offer the best price for fashion and quality outfits. The issue of the quality by H&M does not only involve the final…


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