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corpse strangled with the rope still around his neck, the first thing I wanted to do was to remove the rope. Because the look on the dead body's face was horrible, and obviously the rope was what was responsible for the death, and also for the horrible look on the corpse's face, with bulging bloodshot eyes and the tongue sticking out. But Harry went and looked at the body to make sure that he was dead, and then basically Harry told me that this was a crime scene, so we shouldn't disturb any possible evidence. So we didn't take the rope off, and instead we went to talk to the victim's wife. She hadn't moved from the last time we saw her; she was just motionless in her chair. I asked her if she had told anybody about her husband's death, and in a weirdly non-emotional way she said that she had not told anybody. Harry asked her who killed him, in a direct way. When he said that, she stopped fiddling with her apron strings and told us she didn't know who killed him. Harry asked her again if she knew who killed him, and she told him no again. Harry pointed out she was sleeping next to him in the bed, but she replied that she was on the inside of the bed -- so an intruder could have come from the outside and put the rope around his neck while he slept. But Harry asked her that if someone did that, why didn't she wake up? All she said was that she didn't wake up. We just stared at her, because this was hard to believe. And after a short silence she told us that…

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