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The book strikes the reader as impressively researched, although at times the more micro and quantitiative focus of the historian can cause the humanity of the narratives, of the people themselves to be lost. A greater incorporation of a central thesis into the fold of the book, and a more coherently organized framework in which to subsume the data might have been helpful. The inclusion of an appendix is worthy as well, but how many readers will read such a work? The lack of attention to the individuals at hand to a certain extent justifies the often stultifying inclusion of lists and tables, but if these lists could have been given greater 'story' and coherennce, the book would have been of greater value and interest to the layperson, rather than to the stuidious historian or student. And ultimately was that not what most of these people were seeking, coming to Argentina -- attention? And was this not what Moya was seeking for these people -- historical relevance and attention? Story and narrative and coherent shaping of data is what gleans attention, ultimately, more than statistical accumulation of…

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