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CPM (Asia) exam week. 1. Brand Audit case branding strategies 2. Complete Marketing Audit case 3. Customer Relationship Marketing.


Brand audit and branding strategies

BloomerHang is a customizable hanger that advertisers can use to promote their products. BloomerHang enables organizations to purchase additional advertising revenue by incorporating the hanger in some fashion into the presentation of their product, either in the form of a gym locker hanger or a dry cleaner's hanger. The product is customizable and can be tailored to the demographics which the company serves. It is a product with a wide potential applicability in both product and service-oriented industries. By advertising itself as recyclable as well as useful to vendors, bloomerHang also strives to cultivate a 'green' image. It is simultaneously serviceable yet can keep up with current trends, such as the need to be sustainable.

Marketing audit (SWOT)

In terms of its strengths bloomerHang is reasonably-priced, given its disposable nature. It is suitable for a wide array of venues from gyms to dry-cleaners. The messages on the hangers can be altered to suit the demographics of the customer. However, one weakness is that advertisers may not perceive the product as 'high tech' enough to suit their needs. In terms of opportunities, bloomerHang effectively forces the customer to take notice of the advertising, given that it is integral to his or her customer experience to remove the clothing from the hanger and virtually every store that sells clothing or even takes people's clothing temporarily (like restaurants) can use bloomerHang to promote the company or to accrue sales revenue. Threats come from more technologically-oriented channels of advertising marketers may prefer to use to promote their message in the age of the Internet.

Customer relationship marketing

Business development is available through two potential arms of the company -- to advertisers who wish to promote their products and to…

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