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Militant Factions in Government

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Central Asia Extremism Government
Unfortunately, there is no research question in this paper. The author does not ask a single question which forms the proverbial puzzle which the research is attempting to solve. However, it is clear what the research is going to be about, and why the author is attempting to conduct this research. Still, it never hurts a study design to have a formal research question which is readily identifiable by those who review the document.
The theoretical debate and historical context of this research design is by far the strength of the overall paper. The author spends copious time explaining the context of the research. He or she details the current political situations in Central Asia, and the surging need to counteract extremism. Moreover, this information is posited within the historical context of the fall of the Soviet Union. The author has reviewed some salient pieces of…… [Read More]

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Private Equity Firms Have Set

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For that reason, a logistic related PE in Hong Kong in our case may find it challenging to align itself with certain standards embraced either in the United States or Western Europe in regard to due diligence.

It is also important to note that for the logistic related PE, general partner returns variability is yet another risk factor. It can be noted that for the eight years preceding 2005, Asia's fund returns variance was relatively higher in comparison to the U.S. And Western Europe variance (INSEAD 2010). While the variance in the U.S. And Europe stood at 15% and 13% respectively, Asia's fund returns variability was registered as 23%. Though this could be driven partly by manager-selection skills, such a selection could turn out to be an uphill task for such a logistic related PE given the nature of the market.

It may also be prudent to note that according…… [Read More]


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