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¶ … behavior of an organism is determined by memes. Instances of memes are pottery and ways of constructing arches, attire and fashion, tunes and cliches. Memes multiply themselves in the meme pool by jumping from brain to brain through a process which can generally be referred to as imitation in the same way that genes are propagated in the pool of gene transmission from a body through eggs or sperms. So in this case, whenever a scientist encounters a good idea either by hearing it or reading it, he/she coveys this to his/her colleagues and students by mention this in both lectures and notes. And if the idea is acceptable and embraced, it is therefore held to undergo propagation when it spreads from one brain to another (Intro to Media Studies, n.d. pp 18-20).

Thesis Statement

Meme is an expression of an individual or more than one person that provides a deep sight into the internet culture.

How it affects culture?

Internet memes shape up because of a certain culture on the rise or different events taking place. They help in shaping up the opinions of a lot of people and have a huge impact on the lives and culture of the people using the internet. The users, when come across a certain meme that covers their interest, share it on their social media profiles and can be seen by the people on their lists. This is further promoted by more people and soon spreads through the entire internet. Moreover, once this culture spreads across the internet, even the advertising companies capture the trend and utilize it to attract audiences.

What is it going to prove?

A widely distributed meme proves the current trend that the social media users are into. It starts out as an opinion of an individual and then spreads out to become and...


This helps the professionals to understand the audience and how it can help to attract people for their own purposes as well.


Meanwhile in another universe: "Well, there goes another school teacher who makes 10 million bucks a year. Meanwhile, I'm working my butt off playing professional hoops and I can barely pay rent." (, 2014)

Figure 1(, 2014)


This is a sarcastic meme explaining about the reality of every day professional lives of people. "Meanwhile in another universe" is a meme that switches lives of two people which in reality explains the position of one another. This particular meme puts forward the reality of two professionals i.e. teachers and basketball players.

Irony and Polysemy

The irony of the meme is described in the meme itself as it is put forward in a sarcastic way. In the real world, the professional basketball player enjoys high earnings and all the stardom while the teacher who is grooming the children of the future finds it difficult to survive in their earnings. The whole point of "meanwhile in a parallel universe" is to bring out the irony of the matter. The picture painted along with the meme has a lot of different signs that represent the position of the opposite profession they are referring to. The basketball player are drawn as fat and looking towards the limousine which shows that despite playing they are not fit because of the earnings they are provided. This in actual is the position of the teachers who work hard but the stress of not surviving in the earnings they are given makes them gain weight and lose hope.

Significance of the meme

It affects the culture in a drastic way because it shows the reality of how a person responsible for the education of the future generation is has a low pay grade while a person who only plays to survive earns millions and enjoys the high life. Switching the personalities in this way helps understand the message in a more obvious way and…

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