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S.-based headquarters, marketing and tour operations (Billion, 2006);

Purchase of goods and services necessary for cruise operations, including food and beverages, fuel, hotel supplies and equipment, navigation and communication equipment, etc. (Billion, 2006).;

Payments for port services at U.S. homeports and ports-of-call; and Maintenance and repair of cruise ships at U.S. shipyards and capital expenditures for port terminals, office facilities and other capital equipment (Billion, 2006). "

The cruise industry economics benefits the U.S. In all 50 states including money spent by cruise line vendors and businesses that are responsible for supplying the goods for the cruises (Billion, 2006).

Political elements are also something that have an impact on cruise lines and their business and revenue.

In the recent light of terrorism fears, cruise lines have had to regroup and assure their potential and returning customers that every precaution for safety is being taken.

Each of the cruise lines mentioned here have placed information blurbs on their websites explaining the new standards and laws regarding travel documentation that will be mandated on January 1, 2007. Passports will be needed for flights between the United States and Canada, Mexico and the Islands which has never been needed before. The cruise lines discuss this on their web sites to help their customers be prepared so that their vacation plans can be smoothly executed, however, it serves an additional benefit of providing a quiet reassurance that they are safe traveling to one of the cruise line destinations because security measures are being beefed up.

The political aspect of the cruise line industry cannot be ignored. Whether it is politics providing concerns for overall industry safety or legislation determining whether or not passengers should be allowed to smoke on a cruise line the political aspect of the industry is an ever present entity.

A recent fire on a cruise ship out of Florida that left one passenger dead and many others injured brings light to the political involvement in the industry.

The massive damage from a blaze initially reported to have been started by a smoldering cigarette is likely to focus public and political attention on cruise ship safety. These are floating cities and they are not equipped with the type of support services that a city that size should have," said Jim Hall, former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board and a long time critic of the cruise industry (Martinez, 2006). "

Demographic elements of the world's population cannot be ignored in the cruise line industry. While cruises are usually viewed as something that is reserved for the wealthy, or the upper crust of society, many cruise lines are turning their attention to the untapped lower economic end markets as they scramble to increase revenues following several years of hurricane interrupted business.


The cruise line industry is an excellent study in business because it is one industry that is completely dependent on the desires of customers to have a good time at a high end price. The industry must provide exceptional marketing skills, services and products to stay in business therefore it a perfect backdrop for a study in business success.

The three cruise lines that were the focus of this study have varied missions that meet at a common goal. The goal is to provide excellent service to customers, while at the same time getting them to believe that their particular company has the most unique perspective on vacations. Their mission statements address many important business issues both in direct…

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