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Taken together, United Natural Foods is looking to create pull-based demand throughout its distribution channels and increase sales activity, leading to more profitability over the long-term. The focus on two of the three elements being oriented towards the consumer is deliberate to further pull products through distribution channels as well.

If they are not used, should they be used?

They are used as the analysis indicates, yet United Natural Foods could also augment these efforts by concentrating more on channel-based and retailer-specific promotions over the long-term, further ensuring a higher level of sales productivity as well.

If they should be used, explain why they should be used. If they should not be used, explain why they should not be used.

Each one of the
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elements or components of the strategy need to be used and expanded over time to more fully meet the unmet needs of the customers these communication elements are meant to serve. For the customized Marketing Programs this needs to be expanded to include both online and offline components. It could also have a dashboard provided so retailers could track how effective this specific program is in enabling more sales. For the consumer circulars and the Healthy Clippings coupon book there could also be much greater focus on allowing the consumer to turn this into a more relationship-driven experience, less of a purely transactional one. The United Natural Foods company for example could have points associated with these coupons in the books and could tally them by customer number or even telephone number.

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