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In the case of Kava island issue, we shall reach the decision in the following manner.

White Hat / Hat #1:

This is where a person needs to consider all the available data on the issue at hand. For example we know that Kava is a land of richness. It is a place with multiple possibilities because it has a sizeable young population, is rich in petroleum, coffee, sugar and other such important items. It has people from diverse backgrounds who add to the richness of its culture and almost 15 languages are spoken in this area. But at the same time, the country is plagued with numerous problems including ever-increasing cases of HIV.

Red Hat / Hat #2:

This is where a person needs to focus on intuition. Intuitively for example we can say that Kava can be seen as a great tourist destination if developed properly. Nik's firm can invest in the development of its tourism industry.

Black Hat:

This is where one becomes pessimistic to discover any limitations of the plan. For example while Kava is beautiful it is also infected with numerous diseases and poverty. Tourists may avoid it for these reasons.

Yellow Hat:

This is where we explore the bright side of the plan. Working on the development of tourism would mean more people bringing in higher revenues for the country. Many lives can improve if tourism is developed as job opportunities will increase and quality of life will significantly improve.

Green Hat:

This is the hat of creativity. One needs to explore various creative options to prepare the country for the proposed plan. For example in order to develop tourism, Nik's firm would need a more trained workforce and hence should explore the possibility of setting up training centers.

Blue Hat / Hat #6

This hat basically signifies the role…

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