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Decision Making Essays (Examples)

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Acting Right or Wrong Way Moral Choices
Words: 783 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26148521
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Moral Choices
Moral choice is a commitment to acting in a way considered to be either right or wrong. As a result, an ethical decision is concerned with less of what an individual knows and more about such an individual defiling what he/she considered her/himself to be. As a result, in moral choice-making, an individual will opt for the choice that promotes who they consider themself to be. There are, therefore, several ways to describe moral decisions; critical thinking, the divine command theory, relativism, and emotivism (Overberg, 2018). This paper is focused on critical thinking and, in particular, deductive and inductive reasoning to present my thoughts on the criticism of critical thinking, and offer criticisms on the idea that the best choices can be figured out through deductive and inductive reasoning.
Thoughts on criticism of critical thinking
I think that the criticisms of critical thinking are good general reasons…