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Delegation: Real Estate

Proper use of delegation in any setting is an essential component of leadership. Delegation used by managers in a real estate office can improve the results management gets from their staff by not only assisting in the task completion process but also by improving the team oriented atmosphere of the office and staff.

Delegation not only sharpens management skills but also increases the overall employee and managerial commitment to the success of an organization. A good leader is one that is able to manager employees and improves the bottom line. A great leader within a real estate setting is one that is able to delegate not only mundane but also important and interesting tasks to employees capable of handling them and contributing to the overall success in the organization.

Delegation and Real Estate

Delegation with regard to the real estate office can provide employees with increased morale and motivation to achieve the greatest possible outcome for themselves and the real estate company. Delegation skills used in a real estate office can be used to help effectively lead and motivate employees. The leader that delegates effectively frees up some of their time to handle less task oriented and more strategically oriented tasks within the agency, such as building the client base and improving the overall reputation of the real estate business. In a business that is highly competitive, great delegation skills will enable a real estate office to overpower the competition and rise to the top, with a staff that has less turn over and is more motivated to contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Effective Leadership and Delegation

For a leader to lead effectively and delegate appropriate tasks to agents and other staff members within the real estate office, a manager must first ensure that employees understand what is expected of them and inform their manager of any decisions they might be making. The manager must identify the tasks that are necessary to delegate, which would exclude any tasks requiring special authority, education, training or experience the employee might not have (Brown, 1998). A manager must then be able to independently evaluate each and every employee's skills to determine who is the most likely candidate to carry out delegated tasks successfully and independently.

A manager can also more effectively lead through delegation by assessing their staff and completely evaluating their talents, skills and abilities in order to consider what assignments could be delegated and how those assignments might affect an employee's personal goals and also performance ratings within the organization (Brown, 1998). A real estate manager can also improve the leadership of the organization by designing a training program that trains employees to carry out new and interesting tasks the manager has delegated to them.

Delegation Skills

What delegation skills are necessary to lead employees in real estate? A real estate manager must first be a good communicator, one that clearly ensure that the staff receive the maximum benefits from the delegation process by clearly outlining responsibilities, setting up meetings, and allowing employees to express any questions or concerns at all times during the work process (Brown, 1998). A leader must also have the ability to manage by objectives and not micro manage employees. By nature delegation requires that the leader is willing and able to give up some of the responsibility for completely individual tasks and instead becomes responsible for monitoring overall outcomes and progress toward corporate goals.

A manager must also have the ability to lead even though tasks are being delegated; otherwise the team runs the risk of not accomplishing anything (Bryant, 2004). A good delegator must also be able to motivate other employees to get the job done while still enjoying it (Bryant, 2004). Thus, a manager in a real estate setting must have the ability to oversee the projects from a distance. Rather than being involved in the intricate day-to-day functions of a task, the manager should be able to simply ask for updates from the employee to ensure that the task delegated is being handled in an appropriate manner in an appropriate time frame.

A manager in a real estate environment must build top relationship skills with top agents in order to continue to provide buyers and clients with exceptional service and increase demand for personal service within the agency. Top…

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