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Job Search and Application

Part 1 Job Posting - Company Research Profile

Job Posting in Sarnia, Ontario: Event Planner for The Copper Kettle Catering, Tent & Party Rentals.

Copper Kettle Catering, Tent & Party Rentals provides both catering and tent and party equipment for special events such as weddings, corporate benefits, and social celebrations throughout the Southwestern Ontario area. The event coordinators at Copper Kettle are personally involved in the process of planning from the beginning to the very end of the process so that every aspect of the event is satisfactory.

This company is privately owned and managed by Tom Pruliere, Sarah Watson and Dan Penford, with two locations -- one in London and one in Sarnia. Its vision statement is: "We understand that attention to detail is critical to the success of your event and we take out the stress by providing step-by-step planning with a dedicated Event Planner / Coordinator along with a Chef for events involving food. We are much more than a catering company...


It maintains and owns its own tents, chairs, dishes, tables, cloths, glassware, etc., and has its own uniformed staff, including three chefs and an event coordinator with 10 years of experience. The company can provide services for large and small occasions.

The company's main target is weddings and corporate office celebrations.

The company's primary competition is Faulkner's Catering which is just across the border in Michigan and Tony and Mary's Catering which is just to the South.

This company's level of service and product mix is of interest to me because I have always wanted to be a professional event planner and this is the perfect opportunity to gain experience in a field that is fun, exciting, engaging, fast moving, and not situated to one location but can rather go to any location in the Southwest and help customers meet their needs. I also like the fact that Copper Kettle is well-known and highly-touted as being a leader in the industry, its food is produced by the best chefs, and its service is unique and exceptional. I would like to be part of its enterprise.

Part 2 Relate Your Specific Qualifications to the Posting

My specific qualifications include at least one year experience in the hospitality sector and a high school degree. I am also a very organized and structured person and enjoying bringing people together and coordinating events. I have a very logical mindset that likes the challenge of planning events and…

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Tom Blaise [Manager] Hedda's Restaurant *** blaise. Katy Holmes [Principal] Bosanquet Central *** katy.g. Barry Lumiere [Vice-Principal] Bosanquet Central *** Part 6 Thank You Letter Retrieved from:,-Tent-&-Party-Eq/jobs/Event-Planner-13fe9e3b65dbe705?q=hospitality

Event Planner

Copper Kettle Catering, Tent & Party Rentals - Sarnia, ON $13.52 - $17.68 an hour

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