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We can still do that, but it is difficult to imagine modern Americans engaging in these activities with any gusto, unless they thought they would benefit themselves in some way.

The book is disturbing in its accounts of Holmes' murders and glorious as it describes the wonders of the Fair and what led up to those wonders. This is the major focus of the book, this juxtaposition between good and evil, black and white, God, and devil. The author combines elements of fiction, such as vivid details and characterization with the research he has done, and together, they blend to form a fascinating picture of a riveting time. The conclusion, this story of two men has its low points, but overall, it is adsorbing, fascinating, and repelling at the same time. One man, the architect, accomplished so much good in his dealings with the fair, while the other only came there for the worst intent. That the two came together at that place and time is a compelling look into…

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