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The difference between leadership and management


Leadership and management tend to be regarded as virtually overlapping ideas. Yet are they overlapping? What is the distinction between the 2 ideas or leadership is really an element of management and for that reason should not be segregated (Long, 2017)? This document assumes the perspective that these 2 happen to be essentially distinct and the discourse in this paper will demonstrate this distinction by utilizing actual life instances of 2 individuals who demonstrate management and leadership abilities correspondingly. The document will in addition evaluate the part of the two towards business achievement.


There happen to be as many leadership classifications as one can find individuals who have tried to outline this concept. The final outcome driven from the different classifications is the fact that a leader is somebody who has supporters (Long, 2017; Bargau, 2015). Leadership creates vision, establishes future path, inspires constructive involvement in planning/strategy and produces a tradition of constructively demanding convention.

A good example of a leader is the Indian political leader, Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi is renowned for leading and directing individuals to come together in getting the specific goals particularly towards oppressive rule in Southern Africa and also in his country of origin, India. To get this done, he held an excellent perspective of thinking across the constraints and boundaries, motivational to hold his people together, and managed to test the established order, therefore did things in a different way (Bargau, 2015; Lengthy, 2017).


Management is really a self-discipline of handling issues in the absolute best way. This is the artwork or ability of getting the job done by as well as with other people. Managers concentrate on official directing and also managing of their personnel, assets, systems, and methods (Bargau, 2015). Managers try to achieve short-term objectives, steer clear of any dangers, and create standardization to enhance effectiveness. Management arranges and carries out the programs, operationalizes individuals and resources inside timeframes, achieves quality specifications and eventually provides outcomes.

A good example of a manager within an organization is really a project manager. Within a business a project manager is given the job of ensuring that workers undertake outlined tasks according to specifications. The main benefits essential for a project manager to achieve success are capability to carry out a vision, the opportunity to direct other people, make…

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