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Katherine Watkin's Case Of 1681

The following study presents arguments showing the discrepancies from the Katherine Watkin's case. It is apparent that the people she relied on to support her case did not testify. Katherine's statement indicated that an examination on her situation as the wife of Henrico County's Henry Watkins, in Virginia was recorded on 13 September 1681 and was witnessed by John Farrar and William Byrd. The two worked as Majesty Justices at the County. This study appreciates the depositions by Katherine herself as the victim, John Aus, William Harding, Mary Winter, Humprey Smith and Lambert Tye.

While giving the deposition under oath, Katherine pointed out that she went meet John Long on Friday the Month of August (around five weeks from the time). John Long was a Mulatto under Capt. Thomas Cocke stationed near piney slash and between Henry Watkins and Cockes house. It was alleged that he threw Katherine from behind a tree. This was on the same time and place that he covered her Mouth using a handkerchief while taking up Katherine's petticoats. He probably ravished her dignity although Katherine managed to cry out for help. Later, Jack White rescued her. She went home while John went towards his Masters' house after the abuse. Katherine observed that her husband was inclined to the Quakers and could not prosecute. Since she...


She could not launch complaints before going to Lt. Col. Farrars. The following morning, she went to William Randolph's home but did not find him there. However, she later met with Justices at the house of Cocke in Virginia before making the complaint on oath (Document 3-4-52).

However, controversial testimonies were considered in the decision making process. In one of the depositions by John Aust, he went to see Mr. Cocke on the fateful Friday. Some of his Cocke's servants were in the orchard cutting down some weeds. Cocke asked him to stay so that they could hang out together for a drink. While inside, John Aust mentions that Jacke offered to fetch the drinks for him from the inside but stayed unusually longer. When he followed inside, he heard Henry Watkins' wife Katherine asking Jacke why he did not make any efforts of visting their house like her children do. He mentions that Katherine drew him closer and kissed him. After this, Jack left to fetch the drink but Katherine protested. He went to join the company of Cockes who were sharing the drinks together. He shows that Katherine pestered Negro dirke by the shirt by asking if he had a 'long thing'. As she left for the outside, Katherine met Jacke and as they drew each other closer, she touched his 'codpiece.' The fondling continued in the garden and the bed in the fishroom. John Aust extends the controversy by saying that de did know what went on after this (Document 3-4-53).

The William Harding's deposition brought up interesting and controversial facts about the case. He mentioned in his deposition mentioned that he went to…

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Document 3-4. Sex and Race relations: Testimony from Virginia Court Records, 1681. In Reading the American Past. Pp 51-54

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