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Distribution Levels Rolex watches: Rolex deploys an exclusive distribution strategy. Its high pricing is part of its appeal, given that wearing a Rolex signifies one's economic status. Rolexes can be bought at high-end jewelers, department stores, and select shopping areas which high-income consumers are likely to patronize.

Coach purses: Coach similarly has an exclusive distribution strategy. They are expensive items of clothing, usually sold at select Coach retailers. These stores are often in exclusive malls or in high-rent districts of urban locations.

Land Rover sport utility vehicles: Although these vehicles are not the most expensive means of transportation available, they are not universally desired by all consumers. People in cities will likely have less desire for SUVs given that they do not need all-terrain vehicles and are more concerned about the price of gas than their suburban counterparts. However, within certain pockets of the country, and also within certain consumer...


M&Ms is a form of mass-marketed milk chocolate with wide consumer appeal. Selling the candy at supermarkets, drug stores, and other places where consumers are budget-conscious or are shopping with small children is Mars' usual, preferred venue of distribution.
Special edition Barbie dolls: While Barbie is a mass market toy, collectors of Barbies are usually adults looking for exclusive, unique items. Thus, a selective distribution strategy is preferred, through specialty hobby stores and a few high-end toy stores patronized by adults as well as children

Crest toothpaste: Crest toothpaste deploys an intensive distribution strategy. Crest is a fairly standard toothpaste, without a specific market 'niche' and consumers are inclined…

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