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Toothpaste Essays (Examples)

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Benefit Segmentation in the Oral
Words: 812 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 58784188
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4. Specialty toothpastes created for customers with sensitive teeth, gums or other medical conditions, with customer experience being the most critical

5. Lifecycle approach similar to Crest yet focused on the consumer's purchasing lifecycle

Based on this analysis, my top five criterion are as follows:

1. High performance toothpaste capable of delivering preventative protection and has a fresh taste

2. High performance cavity prevention

3. Making dialing brushing less of a chore and more fun and enjoyable

4. Available in a wide variety of flavors

5. High performance, rapid whitening toothpastes that bring quick results to teeth and gums.

Based on these criterion, I have become a loyal Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening + Scope -- Citrus. This toothpaste fits my profile of benefits precisely and has led to my becoming brand-loyal to this specific product based on the benefits it delivers.

2. Select another oral care (e.g., toothbrush) product where…


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CPI Marginal Analysis Is an Examination of
Words: 484 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75377654
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Marginal analysis is "an examination of the additional benefits of an activity compared to the additional costs of that activity (Investopedia, 2012). The idea is that for the toothpaste division, the company would only produce more if the profits that it gains from producing more outweigh the costs associated with that increased production.

The number of cases needed to maximize profits is calculated as follows:

= 0.006Q

So 7000 cases is the point of profit maximization.

Based on the assumption that the toothpaste market is in a state of perfect competition, if CPI raised prices, nobody would buy our toothpaste. Demand would fall because our competitor's toothpaste would be cheaper and would be of equivalent quality. In perfection competition, companies do not have any leverage (Heakal, 2012).

If the market price of toothpaste rose to $54 per case, then the point at which profit is maximized would change. The…

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Distribution Levels Rolex Watches Rolex Deploys an
Words: 578 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25200317
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Distribution Levels

olex watches: olex deploys an exclusive distribution strategy. Its high pricing is part of its appeal, given that wearing a olex signifies one's economic status. olexes can be bought at high-end jewelers, department stores, and select shopping areas which high-income consumers are likely to patronize.

Coach purses: Coach similarly has an exclusive distribution strategy. They are expensive items of clothing, usually sold at select Coach retailers. These stores are often in exclusive malls or in high-rent districts of urban locations.

Land over sport utility vehicles: Although these vehicles are not the most expensive means of transportation available, they are not universally desired by all consumers. People in cities will likely have less desire for SUVs given that they do not need all-terrain vehicles and are more concerned about the price of gas than their suburban counterparts. However, within certain pockets of the country, and also within certain consumer…


Demery, Jack. (2006). Sephora streamlines supply chain management with Invois.

Internet Retailer. Retrieved August 7, 2011 at

Cp China's Changes to the Cmf Marketing
Words: 1429 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74127281
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C China's changes to the CMF marketing launch program justifiable?

Burton's objective was to market Colgate Max Fresh (CMF) as global venture. Each country had its own assumptions and trends that would make certain products popular. For CMF to appeal to a Chinese market it had to investigate and target those specific selling appeals.

Del Levin, who was in charge of conducting R&D for Colgate in Asia, discovered that that whilst a potentially huge market existed for the product -- it being that Asia had a large freshness segment -- it had to be marketed in a particular way in order to best appeal to the Asian consumer. Firstly, the name itself - Colgate Max Fresh -- did not appeal as well as other names in China would; the name was therefore changed to "Icy Fresh." Secondly, original marketing that used 'breath strips' was meaningless to an Asian market and…

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Crest Flavored Not'so White
Words: 1105 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27634029
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Direct marketing is another important area of product launching and research. Currently, the Crest hite strips website asks individuals if they would like to participate in a survey regarding the project, upon entry, when accessing the part of the website known as "Ask Dr. Jeff." (Ask Dr. Jeff, Official ebsite, 2004) A new area of the site could be redefined -- instead of the clinical picture of the globe that adorns the site, clickable icons of the different flavors could add color to the 'other side' of the whitening white strips. Think outside the mint strip!

Other forms of direct response advertising could be generated by offering coupons to those who fill out surveys about their response to the product's advertising, giving out a website address to those who buy the product to fill out a survey, in exchange for a chance at winning prizes -- such as a free…

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Marketing Case 8 Global Strategies Critically Evaluate
Words: 1957 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79198343
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Case #8: Global Strategies

Critically evaluate Dolce & Gabbana's decision to launch 15 new stores in China

Dolce & Gabbana's decision to launch 15 new stores in China is a smart one. First, the U.S. Visa process is making it difficult for Chinese tourists to shop here, so D&G will have to take business there in order to get to those Chinese consumers who cannot buy here. Secondly, sales of luxury goods in mainland China were expected to reach $16.9 Billion dollars in 2011, which is a huge market, so G&B is going after some of those Billions. Third, G&B already has 26 stores there, so they are already known in China and G&B already know they can successfully sell in China. Fourth, they can sell a lifestyle of D&G, just as Ralph Lauren did, so that people will buy new products that support that imagined lifestyle.

As we…

Sensodyne Is One of the
Words: 2988 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16026148
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The flavors are quite simple, as the company chooses to focus more on the toothpaste's health characteristics, rather than the taste.

The product has one size and the packaging is made of plastic, which is more hygienic than metal, as the later one may go through oxidation. This type of packaging differentiates the product from other toothpastes and marks its individuality.

The product is always strictly associated with the idea of relieving tooth sensitivity and pain from sensitive teeth. The name itself was thus conceived so as to associate the brand with the effect of having used the product.

On the other hand, for a long period of time, Sensodyne was associated with the idea of medication and the company has committed a lot of effort in the last decade to diversify the consumer perception and induce the idea that Sensodyne is less a medication and more of a product…


BBC news (2003), Glaxo Defeated byShareholders, 

Colgate-Palmolive corporate website:

CorporateWatch Website: , Accessed May 2007.

New Product Planning
Words: 650 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59588592
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toothpaste known as Crest. The toothpaste which was introduced back in 2008 by P&G, has accrued a remarkable market share because of its merits, nevertheless it has weaknesses worth noting. Of significance, it is patented using a harmless enamel-whitening component that brushes away stains from teeth and smoothly whitens them. It eliminates 80% of teeth stains within 14 days. Crest uses a packaging and logo designed in white and bright blue colors to attract adults seeking whiter, cleaner teeth and fresher mouth. This toothpaste is available in three sizes aimed at individual buying and case capacities aspects that guarantee suitability among different customers (Robertson).

Furthermore, there is remarkable availability of Crest to its end users as the product is offered for acquisition in drugstores, super-markets, discount stores for instance Target and almart, warehouse outlets, for instance Costco and Sam's Club, and numerous drugstore websites found online. This is advantageous, since…

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Marketing Products by Embracing an Incorporating Company History
Words: 1284 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19302086
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Corporations and History

Corporations have used their history to demonstrate to consumers their underlying principles in product production and quality. History is vital because it allows consumers to relate to a product and understand that the product is manufactured using the same quality materials. In the marketing of the products, the corporations will use their well-known history to demonstrate to the consumers that they have maintained and will always employ the same principles. The three corporations analyzed in this essay are Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, and Deere & company. These corporations have used their well-known history to market their products, and they employ the same principles employed since the corporations were launched. Coca-Cola creates the world's favorite soft drink, and the drink was created in order to offer a sweet quenching drink that evokes happiness (Pendergrast, 2013). The corporation has always aimed at associating its Coca-Cola drink with happiness, and this has…


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Goals Statement
Words: 1013 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69514108
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Goals Statement couldn't believe my eyes. After all the wrapping paper lie strewn on the floor, I held in my hands the best present I had ever received. It wasn't a Game Boy or a new CD: it was a book called "Chemistry for Kids," and it came with a small lab set. I wasted no time, and immediately set out to perform my first experiments. I felt high as I gathered ordinary household items and watched them change into new forms of matter. My very first experiment was a success, and a practical one, too: I made my very own toothpaste. No many people can say they made toothpaste when they were ten years old, yet with the help of a simple chemistry set and a few materials I found around the house, I experienced newfound joy in my daily ablutions before school.

My homemade toothpaste became a great…

China -- Not Necessarily a
Words: 4943 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Methodology Chapter Paper #: 28645935
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12). Six weeks after that public relations disaster for RC2 Toys, other toy company, Fisher-Price, was obliged to recall "nearly 1 million of its most popular character toys, also because of lead paint," Field continues. Not long after those embarrassing recalls, Mattel and Fisher-Price announced "three more recalls from China" (Field, 12).

When an adult item is recalled, it doesn't make as big a negative splash as when items for children are recalled, so the toy industry was truly rocked by these events. One can also factor in the American economic downturn at the time of these above-mentioned recalls; that is, when people are out of work by the millions, and many are having their homes foreclosed, to have one's hard-earned dollars spend on a product that might sicken family members is doubly impactful on the negative side of the ledger.

Field explains that the recalls have had a "far-reaching…


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Speech Howard J Brown Makes
Words: 766 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68316078
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It is important to note that he does not describe the outputs as products (rown). This is because consumers do not really want a product; they want the benefit they can receive from that product (rown). The example he uses is toothpaste (rown). According to rown, consumers do not want toothpaste; they want good oral hygiene (rown). In rown's view, the shift is toward providing good oral hygiene to the consumer using the least amount of natural resources (rown).

rown discusses the fact that all resources have mass and that what needs to be revised is how we view that mass (rown). The tube of toothpaste, for example, has a considerable amount of mass (weight of the actual materials used to get it to the consumer), given its size (rown). One must not only consider the mass (resources) used in the manufacture of the toothpaste tube, one must also consider…


Brown, Howard J. Date Unknown. Economics and Ethics of Sustainable Design: Howard J.

Brown. (accessed

December 3, 2012).

Partnerships Small Business Funding Options and Marketing
Words: 1125 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41810714
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Partnerships, Small Business Funding Options, And Marketing

Partnership as a Form of Ownership: Pros and Cons

In the words of Pride, Hughes and Kapoor (2011), "the U.S. Uniform Partnership Act defines a partnership as a voluntary association of two or more persons to act as co-owners of a business for profit." This form of business ownership has distinct advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to the advantages, it is important to note that unlike most other forms of ownership; i.e. A limited liability company, the establishment of a partnership is regarded relatively easy. Indeed, according to Pride, Hughes and Kapoor (2011), the registration of the business name and securing the relevant permits and licenses are in most cases the only regal requirements for setting up a partnership.

Next, it should also be noted that unlike a sole proprietorship form of ownership, it is much easier to raise funds in a…


Gitman, L.J. & McDaniel, C.D. (2008). The Future of Business: The Essentials (4th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

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Profesional Dental Hygienist Info I
Words: 2467 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59413173
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16). Some of the options available to patients are (p. 16):

What it Is Colgate Total

Over-the-counter tooth- triclosan and fluoride paste containing the anti- toothpaste bacterial triclosan

Peridex or generic

Prescription mouth rinse chlorhexidine mouth containing'an anti-micro- rinse bial called chlorhexidine

Periochip tiny piece of gelatin filled with chlorhexidine

Atridox gel that contains the anti- biotic doxycycline


Thread-like fiber that con- tains the antibiotic tetracy- cline

Arestin microspheres

Tiny round particles that contain the antibiotic minocycline

Periostat low dose of the medica- tion doxycycline that keeps destructive enzymes in check

Why it's Used

Colgate Total

The antibacterial ingredient triclosan and fluoride reduces plaque and result- toothpaste ing gingivitis. The fluoride protects against cavities.

Peridex or generic

To control bacteria, result- chlorhexidine mouth ing in less plaque and gin- rinse givitis


To control bacteria and re- duce the size of periodon- tal pockets


To control bacteria and…


Adams, T.L. (2003). Professionalization, Gender and Female-Dominated Professions: Dental Hygiene in Ontario. The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 40(3), 267+. Retrieved November 30, 2007, from Questia database:  

Red -Violet Book the Imaginal
Words: 3420 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66196320
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The boy just stood there staring at the pile of clothes and cat food and bows. I went over and asked him if I could do anything but he told me that he was used to it. I wasn't actually all that surprised by his answer.

And so I ask myself: Which story of the family are these two telling themselves? Does the boy know that he is Horus and Apollo? Or does he know that he is Bluebeard in the making? And does the woman yearn to be Demeter? Or is she still aching to be Persephone? Persephone is for Jung a symbol of completeness, for she encompasses opposites -- life and death, mother and daughter, even male and female. The whole eternal cycle of birth through to rebirth.


Then there were two women, well dressed, nice jewelry, standing in the candle aisle. I was there because --…


Jung, C.G. (1966). The practical use of dream analysis in the practice of psychotherapy. Princeton: Princeton University Press: pp 139-161.

Jung, C.G. (2009). The Red book: Liber novus. S. Shamdassani, ED and trans., M. Kyburz and J. Peck, Trans. New York: Norton.

Health and Dental Care in
Words: 1213 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 91987057
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The public clinics have long queues

There is a family care trend with humane treatment in private clinics

More modern equipment even attracts lower wage earners

Small sized private clinics seem to be the wave of the future in Beijing

Awareness Programs

November 15, 2010: every child in Beijing schools received a dental checkup and a new toothbrush and paste with instructions for brushing

The annual health care event in Beijing last May cited pampered only children who are given sugary and fatty foods by indulgent parents and grandparents as reason that dental health is falling among youngsters.

Industry special: Pain relief toothpaste said to be a boon to one in three in China

Proctor and Gamble's statement that use of their dental products is increasing and private dental clinics shows increased awareness

Rural Areas Problematic

Too few practitioners

Less awareness due to literacy levels and education

Low income does…

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novel the Road
Words: 2000 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48533296
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If feminism is about civil rights, human rights, children's rights and the search for peace, then it is clear that a substantial amount of the descriptive narrative in the Road is clearly anti-feminine. This has nothing to do with gender rights, and everything to do with the rights of all humans to live in dignity and be allowed ", liberty and the pursuit of happiness." The nights, McCarthy writes on page 129, were "...blinding cold and casket black and the long reach of the morning had a terrible silence to it. Like a dawn before battle." The feminist world is not a cold world at all and children are sheltered from suffering; death is not supposed to come to young and middle aged people and mornings are not silent. Mornings are supposed to be filled with the joyful sound of songbirds and the happy shrieks of children, and there is…

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1920s Culture American Culture and
Words: 1350 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2538019
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It is noticeable, however, that despite illustrating the image of 'good life' among American consumers, it seemed that these ads were catered only to white Americans, which are often depicted as belonging to the elite to middle social classes. Further analysis also showed that apart from the under representation of minorities in these ads, white American women were the 'staple' elements contained in an ad. Although some of the ads appropriately use a woman -- that is, usage of a woman to advertise a food product -- there were also instances in some ads, specifically car ads, wherein women seemed to be objectified. Car ads are classic examples of the objectification of women in advertisements, wherein oftentimes, association between the cars advertised and woman depicted are inevitably linked together, creating the impression that a car is a want that needs to be achieved, in the same way that the consumer…

Marketing Global Marketing 6-1 Demographic
Words: 579 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 64970328
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A lot of people suggest that the variety of interior and exterior color schemes, and emphasis placed on safety factors by car manufacturers today, is due to in no little part to their longing to market cars to women, as well as men (7 Demographic Segmentation, n.d.).


Another popular foundation for segmentation is income. A lot of companies target wealthy consumers with luxury goods and convenience services. On the other hand, many target products that appeal directly to consumers with moderately low incomes. "Examples include Aldi (a discount food retailer), Airtours holidays, and discount clothing retailers such as TJ Maxx" (Market segmentation - demographic segmentation, n.d.).

Social class

Many Marketers believe that consumers alleged social class influences their fondness for cars, clothes, home furnishings, leisure activities and other goods and services (Market segmentation - demographic segmentation, n.d.).


Marketers are more and more concerned with the effect of consumer…


7 Demographic Segmentation. (n.d.). Retreived from 


Market segmentation - demographic segmentation. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Russell Roberts Have Written the
Words: 1262 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45537058
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hen there is an increase in competition, there is an increase in production supply, which exceeds the demand of the product. hen the production is increased, there is a great reduction in the prices. ith this, there is an increase in competition in regards to the quality as well as the quantity of the product. The consumer is the final gainer.

The story that follows is a clear indication of some of the main concepts that are being highlighted by the author. It can be seen that the author in favor of the international and more open business being run on an international scale is rejecting protectionism. Ed never saw any change in his business, neither his profits when he was surrounded by his idea of business based on protectionism.

The concepts given by Russell Roberts are to be compared with the economic concepts that have been highlighted by Glenn…

Works Cited

Hubbard, Glenn., and O'Brien, P. Anthony. Economics, MyEconLab Series. Edition 3. Prentice Hall, 2009.

Roberts, X. Russell. The choice: a fable of free trade and protectionism. Edition 3. Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007.

Best and Worst Advertisements
Words: 1582 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91841187
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Integrated Marketing / Best and Worst Advertisements

IMC-Integrated Marketing Communication, is in practice all over the world at a very large scale. The main aim of this paper is to clarify the meaning of IMC, the impact of IMC, and how it differs from the conventional marketing communication. IMC adopts the consumer-based approach rather than the organizational-based approach, as such the focus is on paying attention to the need of the organization. IMC adopts the synergy approach over the isolation approach. Positive outcomes such as greater profitability, unique brand association, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, cost savings and increased sales. The major impact of IMC is on brand equity and organizational approach. However, certain barriers exist for the effective implementation of the IMC program (Naem et al., 2013).

Stage 1 Creative and Not So Creative Ad

Product: Cellular Service

Creative Advertisement: IdeaInternetLagoing. India Ko no ullu banaoing (You cannot get fooled…


4 Ps Team. (2011). They came, We Saw and Everybody Reviewed!.4Ps Business and Marketing. Retrieved on 9th September, 2011 from 

BS Reporter. (2015). Vodafone launches data plan to increase internet traffic. Business Standard Private Limited. Retrieved on 9th September, 2015 from 

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Meena, K. and Fatima, S. (2015).The Study of Creativity and Innovation in Promotion Strategy in the New Age of Competition. Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR). 1(5)

Sonicare the Idea Behind the
Words: 561 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 72091480
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That is, though Giuliani received an insight from a simple and unplanned observation, he would not have had this insight is he had not spent a great deal of his time concerned with precisely the problem that this insight addressed. Giuliani and the two other business partners had been trying fruitlessly to develop a working prototype of their sonic toothbrush, and though this work was all scrapped in favor of the new design, the work was not wasted. Rather, it was necessary in order to provide the context and the circumstances for Giuliani's sudden insight. The idea for what would become the Sonicare toothbrush did not spring fully formed out of the ocean waves like a Minerva/Venus crossbreed, but rather the observation of the ocean waves and their erosion provided Giuliani with the final piece of a puzzle he had been working on for a long time.

Giuliani's funding solution…

Water and Plastic Bottle Burden
Words: 1800 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 79110006
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With this information, people can make informed decisions regarding the water they consume. Which additives are healthful? Which are not? These are examples of only some of the questions responsible consumers should have when choosing their water. Regarding the use of plastics, the solution is simple. By simply changing their habits from plastic water bottles to stainless steel or any of the other alternatives, not only is the consumer choosing something that supports of the well-being of the planet, but also supports the well-being of themselves.

This is merely one solution of many meant to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle across the globe. That the consumption of water increased so quickly, all over the world, signifies the impact of advertising on consumer choices. This can be a reason for hope, since just as quickly the use of stainless steel water bottles and clean water can be brought into individual…

7. Fluoride Action Network, Health Effects, ( ...)

8. Fluoridation/Flouride, Toxic Chemicals in Your Water, ( )

9. Worth Health Organization, Water Related Diseases, ( ...)

Market Consists of All Firms
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75481562
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Market power can exist when there are substantial barriers to entry into the indus-try. Expectations about incumbent reactions, incumbent advantages, and exit costs all can serve as entry barriers.

The extreme case of a firm with market power is monopoly, where the industry con-sists of only one firm. Here, industry and firm demand curves are one and the same. In contrast to competitive markets, consumers pay more than marginal cost and the firm earns economic profits. Output is restricted from competitive levels. With a monopoly, not all the potential gains from trade are exhausted.

Monopolistic competition is a hybrid between competition and monopoly. It is like mo-nopoly in that firms under both market structures face downward-sloping demand curves. Market power comes from differentiated products. Examples include the toothpaste, golf ball, tennis racket, and shampoo markets. The analyses of output and pricing policies are similar in the two cases. The difference…

Business Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate
Words: 3202 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 3976944
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P&G has recognized that there are three pillars needed to support its sustainable development strategy. These include environmental protection, economic development, and social responsibility (MacNealy, 2007).

Summary and Future esearch ecommendations

Procter and Gamble's commitment to sustainability has been shown by its development of new products. Product development is geared towards the preponderance of consumers who would like to improve sustainability outcomes without comprising value or quality. During 2008, Procter and Gamble was able to diminish packaging waste by changing many of their standard carton packaging to a fully recyclable seal tight plastic material packaging. This modification in packaging has resulted in an 80% decrease in the amount of packaging that is being used compared to carton packaging (Lloyd, 2009).

Environmental forces disclosed by Procter and Gamble have included water usage, energy usage, carbon emissions and total waste. The company has reported that energy use at its household care plant…


Corporate Social Responsibility. (2010).Retrieved August 15, 2010, from As you sow Web site:

CSR Profile of Procter & Gamble. (2010). Retrieved August 15, 2010, from CSR Wire Web site:

Gluten Affect Autism Fact or
Words: 7524 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 46952110
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When processed by a transglutaminase enzyme, it can interact with immunological cells and produce cytotoxic inflammation. In autism, it is believed that peptides from gluten and casein cross the intestinal microvillus barrier and enter the blood stream. They also cross the blood-brain barrier. In the brain, certain amino acid sequences of these peptides compete with natural peptides, which bind to opioid receptors. These receptors are G-protein receptors in cell membrane surfaces of neurons. inding to these receptors disturbs the neuronal function and ultimately leads to or contributes to autism (Department of Pediatrics Staff).

Limited Reliable Scientific Evidence

UK researchers investigated more than 30 scientific articles on the effectiveness of the gluten-free, casein-free diet on autistic children (astian, 2004). They found one, which provided reliable scientific evidence that the diet works. The particular study, however, was conducted on only 20 children aged 5-10 who had high levels of protein in their…


Atwood, K.C. (2003). Naturopathy: a critical appraisal. 5 (4) Medscape General

Medicine. Retrieved on June 23, 2010 from 

Bastian, H. (2010). Can a diet avoiding gluten and milk proteins reduce autism?

Medicine News Today: MediLexicon International Ltd. Retrieved on June 23,

City and Space True Dream
Words: 1118 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 94947063
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Although Cuiyuan expresses world-weary attitudes about the nature of men and women in her inner monologue, Zongzhen clearly spots a desire for a connection with another human being in her eyes. And Zongzhen thinks he is merely avoiding Dong Peizhi, but he is also unconsciously avoiding his wife. Dong Peizhi is his wife's nephew, and part of the disgust Zongzhen feels towards Peizhi is clearly tied to his unhappiness in his own marriage. That is why he blames his wife for Peizhi's persistence, just like he resents being forced to buy spinach buns by his wife -- even though he clearly likes them, as he eats them to pass the time, while he is stalled on the tram.

The spatially constructed flirtation between Zongzhen and Cuiyuan becomes real, partially because of the unconscious needs of the protagonists but also because of the enforced closeness of the train car. The arbitrary…

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Happy Yet The Happy Consumer
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To afford what is considered a normal, middle class lifestyle requires an individual to work twice as much as people did in 1948 (During 73). hile "some cynics" say that additional leisure time and a shorter work week or year would result in simply more time spent in front of the television, the authors raise the intriguing possibility that the reason Americans watch so much television is a lack of creative energy. Americans work more hours than their European counterparts, are twice as productive at the office or factory than their grandparents, yet have less leisure time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. True enjoyment of leisure demands meaningful use of time, rather than the wasted time that comes at the end of a hard day. Sports, poetry, religion, and time spent with family are more valuable than the items that can be bought with money. Perhaps the current…

Work Cited

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Michael Pollan in 2006 Published
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Pollan stresses the need to cook our own food and reassert the historical and cultural importance of food in our lives. Again this strengthens Pollan's rhetoric and continues the line of reasoning he began in Omnivore's Dilemma.

So it's good to be encouraged by Pollan, who eulogises the pleasures of cooking, and to be reminded of some basic truths."hen you cook at home, you seldom find yourself reaching for the ethoxylated dyglycerides or high-fructose corn syrup," he says. "The cook in the kitchen preparing a meal from plants and animals has a great many worries, but 'health' is simply not one of them because it is a given."The final advice given by Pollan encapsulates it all: "Don't eat anything your greatgrandmother wouldn't recognise as food." ("Food Really Does Grow" 12)

The rhetoric of his work is demonstratively evident as his lines of reasoning attempt to make consumers more responsible for…

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Persuaders Marketing in General Refers
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hen people watch such documentaries that expose the intense persuasion campaigns and connect them to the entertainment industry, they feel used, they feel like they cannot even trust the shows that they like. Probably each time they turn on the TV they wonder if the program they are watching is based on solid facts or it is just a manipulation technique.

In my opinion, marketers abuse of the media environment by sending so many advertising messages. I would prefer to see a traditional ad, printed, televised, or on the radio, rather than seeing hidden messages, hidden ads, or product placement. henever I discover product placements in the programs I watch, I feel like someone is trying to use me, or to trick me. Sometimes, I even develop aversion towards the respective products.

In my opinion, the Persuaders documentary is very useful. The program should be watched by any consumer. This…

Works Cited

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Consumer Diary it Did Not
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After going through most of the same routine as yesterday, I stopped at the coffee shop because I didn't have to be anywhere. I received a barrage of texts as I tried to study, and realized I forgot a big consumer culture factor yesterday - the constant communications. I send and receive texts all day, plus email, and messages on Facebook, too. I had not even thought of these things when writing in my journal. This brought two things to mind. The first was how important communication is to our consumer culture. It happens constantly, and without it our consumer culture cannot thrive. One text was about plans for the evening. Which movie, which bar, which restaurant, that sort of thing. Purchasing decisions are impacted heavily by communications.

The other thing I thought about was how much consumerism we take for granted. How could I forget about communications when I'm…

Jerry Mander & Patrick J
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And also, his conclusion is that "all technologies" designed to help advertising "will tend to push social evolution in this direction," e.g., in the direction of dominating citizens. Doesn't it seem possible that there are a few people in advertising who have no interest in dominating people's minds, but just want to make a living creating clever advertising to sell kites, and toothpaste, and English muffins?

In this regard, Mander is using a "hasty generalization"; that is, making an inductive generalization "that draws a conclusion about all members of a group from evidence that pertains to a select few" (Hurley, 142). But wait, Mander hasn't even shown any evidence; he just fires with both barrels and makes a "false cause" (a fallacy based on a phantom link between his premises and conclusions) (Hurley, 143).

Before launching into his four arguments, Mander asks readers to believe (47) that the four are…

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Art in America Abstract Expressionism
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In essence, this painting "mixes a toothpaste smile with the grimace of a death's head" and symbolizes the true work of an American "action" painter (de la Croix & Tansey, 774).

Another great example of an American abstract expressionist master is Mark Rothko (1903 to 1973), who emigrated to the United States in 1914 from Latvia with his family to escape Czarist Russia and its strict policies towards Jews. Although Rothko was a friend and contemporary of Pollack, Kline and de Kooning, his paintings exhibit none of the aggressive attack or slashing brushwork one finds in the works of these artists. Rothko's Four Darks on Red does not exhibit the usual traits of "action" painting, for it shows a calm and contemplative mood with soft color variations, yet it also shows "a mysterious effect of forms and images occupying an ambiguously-defined space," much like Kline and Pollack (de la Croix…


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Slips if IT's Not One
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(apaport 1942: 149)

It is important here to have some framework with which to discuss parapraxes

Aitchison, as a psycholinguist blends both the disciplines of psychology and linguistics to give a more balanced view overall. She proposes first two broad definitions for type of parapraxis. (1998: 244) the first is when a wrong item or word is unintentionally chosen, these are generally referred to as slips of the tongue and an example would be, "Did you remember to buy some toothache?" eplacing the word toothpaste, which was intended, with toothache, which was unintended. She also refers to these more properly as slips of the brain. Secondly there is a classification of errors that are due to the faulty assemblages of the language within the statement. The word choice is usually correct but the grammatical assemblage of the statement is not. Here is an example she uses of this:, "Someone's been…


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Threat China Poses to the
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Of course, the 2007 pet food scandal is also a result of this same lack of regulation and inspection in China. Pet food manufactured here in the United States and in Canada contained melamine, an ingredient used in the manufacture of plastic dinnerware, but also a key ingredient in many fertilizers. It sickened thousands of dogs and cats, and hundreds died as a result of eating the tainted pet food. This incident helped bring the dangers of Chinese imported food and other products into focus, and made it much more real for many Americans. As a result, many people are becoming more vigilant about Chinese products, and some Congressmen have called for bans on all Chinese foods that are not inspected, but that has not occurred.

Clearly, this poses a danger to American consumers, and it is one reason that Chinese imports are the biggest threat to America.

However, Chinese…


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Murray, Geoffrey, and Ian G. Cook. Green China: Seeking Ecological Alternatives/. New York: Routledge, 2002.

American Companies Advertising in Western
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European pharmaceutical dispensing customs and laws are significantly different than in the U.S. In Germany, for example, one cannot buy vitamins (above a certain small dosage) or aspirin anywhere but a pharmacy. Most drugs we consider OTC are still limited to the pharmacy in many European countries.

In considering whether to push for DTC advertising in Europe, American pharmaceutical companies will have to tread carefully, and be mindful of the special political clout carried by pharmacies and physicians.

Culture' and the limits of innovation in marketing: Ernest Dichter, motivation studies and psychoanalytic consumer research in Great ritain, 1950s -- 1970s (Schwarzkopf, 2007)

This study from the University of London talks about the attempt of American companies and advertising agencies to bring the results of psychoanalysis to Great ritain in the 1950's to the 1970's, and the difficulties encountered. America pioneered in consumer motivational research, which was popularized by Vance Packard…


Economist. (2007, April 26). Counter-attacking the Kremlin. Economist, p. n.p.

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Valuation Acquiring a Company Is
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In general, P/E valuation is a common and reliable method for appraising a company's value, but, as with any method, caution must be exercised.

Discounted cash flow

The discounted-cash-flow method is arguably the most complex valuation model discussed in this paper, but it is often considered reliable because it considers a company's post-sale prospects (Calculating Discounted 2005). In the case of the previously discussed over-valued, it is easy to see where a potential buyer would eventually develop a cash-flow problem. The company is barely profitable, and it's going to take $5 million to purchase the company, likely creating some debt to be serviced. Perhaps a company with multiple business units would be capable of servicing that debt through the performance of the other units, but clearly the business being acquired could not service such debt through its own cash flow.

The discounted-cash-flow method works well because one of the…

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Internet or The Network of
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As it may be inferred from the examples above, the U.S.A. is the leader when talking about online campaigns. Other countries' experiences may look poor in comparison with the American giant even if we invoke the cases of famous European democracies like Germany.

First of all, this country has a parliamentary system which explains why the parties and not the candidates are those who maintain sites. Therefore, Americans enjoy a more personal virtual relationship while Germans are only entitled to a rather collectivist approach. Despite having access to contact information, biographies, details about platforms, the party is the one which counts to a higher degree. ut this seems to be the only major difference between the two countries' web sites as their main goal is providing information, an aim that has received the highest rank from Germans, on a four-point scale.

Still, unlike American candidates who are beginning to understand…


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Advertising Ad Analysis Undifferentiated and
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..hile older children and adults understand the inherent bias of advertising, younger children do not, and therefore tend to interpret commercial claims and appeals as accurate and truthful information," said psychologist Dale Kunkel, Ph.D., Professor of Communication at the University of California at Santa Barbara and senior author of the task force's scientific report. (Kunkel,, 2004)

The Lego ads, when seen by younger children who "do not understand persuasive intent in advertising," might feel as if the balance of the world really does hang in their hands -- and an older child might be confused by the overlapping techniques of advertising, which blur the lines between advertising with a persuasive ulterior motive to encourage consumption, and entertainment in the form of cartoons. This confusion might be another reason for the greater efficacy of movie and product tie-ins with children's advertising."(Briesch, Bridges, & Kim, 2004) This fact is seconded by…

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Knowledge: The Effects of Accessibility and Cognitive Capacity on Perceptions of an Influence Agent." Journal of Consumer Research. Vol. 27. Pp.69-83. Retrieved 6 Dec 2006 at

Wal-Mart How the Corporation Affects
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In a controlled market, the monopoly company will be capable of running the business without paying any attention to the affected parties (customers, employees, suppliers). Americans themselves have initiated a movement against the colossal power of Wal-Mart, suggesting that it should change its business conduct. "The truth is that Wal-Mart has let America down by lowering wages, forcing good paying American jobs overseas, and cutting costs with total disregard for the values that have made this nation great. Wal-Mart has needlessly exploited illegal immigrants, faces the largest gender discrimination lawsuit in history, forced workers to work in an unsafe environment, and -- incredibly -- broken child labor laws. America's largest employer must reflect America's values. ut, Wal-Mart will never change on its own. Lee Scott, Wal-Mart's CEO, mistakenly thinks he only answers to a few wealthy shareholders who own Wal-Mart stock. Lee Scott is wrong. Wal-Mart and Lee Scott must…


International Operations," Wal-Mart website, 14th Nov 2006, 

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Why Wal-Mart Must Change," Wake-Up Wal-Mart website,

Qsr the Quick Service Industry
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9% to 734 units (Khun, 2009)

Additionally, James Moss, of Curzon Investment Property, has commented (Khun, 2009) that Dominos and Subway have been successful in the UK market as a result of their franchise models that are almost recession proof. In addition many investors (who want to own a franchise) have found these two chains to be exceptional investments. Additionally, many "Britons are also shunning posh business lunches and choosing instead to head to Eat or Pret for a sandwich (Khun, 2009,9)." The report also explains that "Independent operators (with fewer than five outlets) have increased their market share by 2.2% across the UK's top 10 cities to further fuel the feeling that many high streets are turning England into 'fried chicken Britain'(Khun, 2009,9)." The following chart illustrates the most popular cities for Fast Food in the UK.

Number of Fast Food Restaurants by City

London (central) (847 outlets)


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Consumption and Identity
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exist two polarizing concepts that define the nature of economic life. These two opposing views, consumption and production, have formed the basis for debate for social scientists throughout the twentieth century and, as the world enters the second decade of the twenty-first century, the debate continues (Butler, 2001). The debate centers on how each of these views affects the economy and which plays a more important role in driving the economy.

The two viewpoints in question arose during different historical periods. The production theory dominated economic thought in the 19th century as the world was entering the industrial age. The theory was that through increased production man's need and desire for wealth would be satisfied. For proponents of the production approach to economics, consumption was not a concern.

The consumption approach to economics developed in the twentieth century and has dominated economic thought to the present day (McCracken, 1987). From…


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Xylitol What Is Xylitol Xylitol
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hile Xylitol was being used elsewhere in the world the United States still have "an abundant amount of sugar available" so it wasn't heard of in the U.S. until it arrived in chewing gum in 1975. hile Germans and Italians -- along with the Russians and Japanese -- were using it as a sugar substitute, Americans were still heaping piles of sugar on their breakfast cereal and in their coffee and ice tea.

But today, Xylitol is marketed in the U.S. As "Miracle Sweet," "Perfect Sweet," and "Healthy Sweet" (Gare, 8). Is it more or less expensive than sugar? Gare writes that it is "far more expensive than sugar, albeit recently the price has been coming down low enough to be marketed in items like cake mixes, brownies, muffins, cookies, candies, ice creams and puddings; Gare asserts that Xylitol in these baked items make them taste as least as good…

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Power and the Use of Language Orwell's
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Power and the Use of Language, Orwell's 1984 And Beyond

George Orwell's 1949 dystopian novel 1984 has become almost iconoclastic in its meaning for contemporary society. Almost like the term Machiavellianism, 1984 evokes images in popular culture, along with the author's name as an adjective, and phrases that were used in the book. Even the term "Orwellian" denotes a certain type of society; phrases like "Big Brother," "Newspeak," "Thought-Police," etc. are now part of the vocabulary when describing totalitarian regimes. The novel's premise has become part of a modern archetype, imitated on television, popular music, movies, and even one of the most popular advertisements ever made, the 1984 launch of Apple's Macintosh.

Nineteen Eighty-Four focuses on a new type of society -- repressive, totalitarian, staunch, all-powerful, all knowing, oligarchical, and pervasive. The novel's main character, Winston Smith, is a simple civil servant assigned to the daily task of perpetuating the…


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Iman Adibazad Strategic Planning & Implementation Str 581
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Iman Adibazad

Strategic Planning & Implementation


Mahesh Singh, MBA, PMP

Week 5-Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans

Cosmetics, toiletries and perfumes are an important of everyone's daily life, from use of deodorant and shampoo to make-up, skin care products and fine fragrances. Personal hygiene and beauty products are considered essentials today as are the use of products such as sunscreens and decay-fighting toothpaste.

One strategy for Oprah company, to which the management of the company looking for is internalization or extending its market. Following this decision company can export raw materials and beauty products outside of the U.S.

Strategic Management

Cosmetics and cosmetic raw materials produced for export outside the U.S. must meet the requirements imposed by each country in which they will be sold. When a product is to be sold in several countries, the most stringent requirements must be met. Therefore, products sold in foreign countries in…


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Wonks it Is the Opinion of This
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It is the opinion of this author that equilibrium and efficiency are the ideal aim of corporations in the marketplace because it provides them with opportunity to maximize their profits over the long-term. While it may not necessarily provide for higher than normal profits at all times. While it does for the companies in the competitive marketplace to stay in the game. Having the ability to decide price and preempt market spikes and dips distinguishes nearly perfect competitive markets from monopolistic and monopoly types. In a perfectly competitive and efficient market, prices, choice, quality and customer service is driven by the consumer. This will mean that each item produced by the firm will exhibit prices that are determined by the market which. This will in turn tell the company how much product needs to be produced in order to facilitate equilibrium in the marketplace. Just as most students in…


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Antitrust Bulletin, XL (2), 265-315.

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Monopolistic and Oligopolistic Competitions Comparison Between Monopolistic
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Monopolistic and Oligopolistic Competitions

Compaison between monopolistic competition and oligopolistic competition

Inteest Rates

Monopolistic competition is a maket stuctue whee lage numbe of fims sells diffeentiated poducts that ae highly substitutes to one anothe but not pefect substitutes. Thee is a fee enty and exist in the monopolistic competition, and the fims demand cuves ae downwad sloping. Examples of a monopolistic competition ae the fims poducing clothing, toothpaste, estauants etc. On the othe hand, oligopolistic competition is a maket stuctue whee thee ae few fims competing among one anothe. Thee is a baie of enty because of the economic of scale, patent, and the technology involved in setting up the fim and the pesence of few fims give the fims advantage to make excess pofits. Examples of oligopolistic competitive maket stuctues ae automobiles, steel, aluminium, petochemicals, and electical equipments. While thee ae few fims in the oligopolistic maket, thee ae…

references and Income Efects in Monopolistic Competition Models. University of Munich.

A Monopolistically Competitive

Firm in the Short and Long Run



Boston Matrix Innocent Drinks Innocent Drinks Manufactures
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Boston Matrix: Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks manufactures all-natural juice drinks, smoothies, vegetable 'pots' (blended vegetables in small containers), and squeezable fruit tubes. Some of these products are specifically positioned as being intended for children, others are not, although nearly all are packaged in a child-friendly fashion with cartoon characters on the label. These products are designed to capitalize upon the new trend for 'eating healthy' and answer concerns about obesity in children. The company's product range remains relatively limited but like all brand names it has an array of 'dogs,' 'cash cows,' 'problem children' and 'stars.'


The new squeezable 'fruit tubes' for children seem like a dubious investment. Parents that purchase Innocent Drinks are attracted by the brand's pure image. Selling fruit puree in a highly processed 'squeezable' format is unlikely to attract the target consumer. Innocent Drinks have a somewhat unconvincing explanation on their website as why these…


Coin, Glen. (2010). Michael Pollan tells Syracuse audience 'nutritionism' is making us sick.

The Syracuse Standard. Retrieved November 10, 2011 at 

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Retrieved November 10, 2011 at

Fluoridation A Public Health Debate Fluoridation the
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Fluoridation: A Public Health Debate

Fluoridation (the adding of fluoride to water) has been a hotly debated health issue for over half a century. Some advocate fluoridation by citing the many oral benefits available through the process, heralding the betterment of public hygiene that has been achieved from the procedure's inception. Detractors, on the other hand, point out the possible side effects from the abuse of fluoridation, the health problems being experienced around the globe by countries with fluoridated water, and the indelible rights of man. Because the decision to fluoridate drinking water or not affects so many of the worlds population it is definitely a worthy topic to sink ones teeth into.

The concept of fluoridation began in the early 20th century by a Colorado Springs, Colorado dentist named Frederick McKay. Upon moving to the area from the East Coast, McKay noticed that several of his patients "exhibited strange…

Works Cited  -- retrieved February 18, 2002  -- retrieved February 18, 2002  -- retrieved February 18, 2002 -- retrieved February 18, 2002

Teeth Whitening Mike Had Often
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One day while doing some research for one of his college courses in the library, he noticed a section of books about human evolution and it occurred to him to see whether they had any information about why white teeth were so important in the first place.

According to evolutionary biologists, human beings, just like other animals, evolved natural preferences in sexual selection that cause us to be attracted to one another on the basis of physical features that are indicators of good physical health and genetic material (Margulis & Sagan, 2000; Zuk, 2002). More specifically, features such as well-formed white teeth provide visual cues of good health and immunity systems because the production of healthy enamel requires good health and sufficient caloric resources. Therefore, in addition to providing evidence of good health, white teeth also suggest greater access to food resources.

During early human evolutionary periods, access to food…


Ackerman, D. (1999). A Natural History of Love. New York: Vintage.

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April 2012: -- the-causes-and-how-to-fix-it-755694.html

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Health Transitions More Disease or Sustained Health
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There are no deductibles and no user fees nor limits to contributions on the plan. There are also no restrictions on services to be used and no premiums to pay for basic care coverage other than taxes, a far cry from the high deductibles, co-pays and other fees associated with health care in the United States.

Key to this point is the idea that Canadian health care costs less because a large portion of it is publicly financed. The author's note that since Canada adopted their universal healthcare system the Canadian Health Act has implemented a policy of public administration which keeps the cost of health care spending lower and maintains the government's ability to provide health care services to the entire population. The authors argue that public administration is a more optimal choice for keeping health care expenditures down because administration is inexpensive.

U.S. hospitals keep more details of…


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Rivethead -- a Riveting Read Quite Often
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Rivethead -- a Riveting Read

Quite often, management textbooks tend to fall into two categories. The first typical style of a management textbook takes the form of a quantitative text. It deals with employees as sets and reams of numbers, and attempts to analyze and make generalizations about computed processes and statistically tabulated results. hat standard operating procedures produce the greatest quantifiable increases in productivity under different economic circumstances? The second type of management textbook tends to be vague, full of sociological and psychological assertions, steps to follow, principles, and manifestos, all filled with words like 'motivation' and 'goals.'

The differences between the appearances of these books, in heft and weight, and design may seem considerable, but there are also many similarities too -- none of the workers in the statistical tables seem to take drugs, none of the workers in the thirteen or fourteen power principles like to curse.…

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Marketing Shampoo -- Selling Sex With Soap
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Marketing Shampoo -- Selling sex with soap suds

Shampoo's main function as a product may be to clean hair, but when it comes to advertising, no form of marketing succeeds more potently to sell this cleansing product to women than the marketing of feminine sex appeal. 'Buy the product, and be a sexy woman/girl.' This may not always come across as good clean fun in the eyes of the consumer, but, even if us not strictly dirty advertising, the need to sell sex as part of the image to the typical female consumer of shampoo cannot be underestimated. hat else will distinguish what is otherwise a fairly indistinguishable product, other than the promise of sensuality via the right kind of soaping and suds?

hile much of Chapter 7 of Reading Culture by Diana George and John Trimbur makes much of how the female body has been used as an image…

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Zeolite Membranes Catalyst Is a
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Promotes better plant growth by improving the value of fertilizer. Helps prevent plant burning from over use of fertilizers by trapping and slowly releasing valuable nutrients when and as the plants need them.

Improves the cation exchange capacity of soil resulting in less fertilizer requirements.

Natural zeolites make an excellent soil amendment, and are environmentally friendly for landfill dump sites (with the exception of zeolite that has been used as a molecular sieve or filter medium for the removal of radioactive waste or the removal of heavy chemical toxins deemed hazardous by government regulations.)

educes nutrient and fertilizer loss through heavy rains, leaching and irrigation, resulting in less environmental damage through water runoff.

The water retention capability of zeolites allows less irrigation applications.

Zeolite is used to reduce offensive odors, especially ammonia from sewage, animal manure and waste water situations.

This retained valuable nitrogen improves the quality of the resulting…


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May 2005 .

Green Marketing Over the Last
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She also mentions the huge energy giant British Petroleum (BP) came up with some honest and effective marketing in its green promotions. And while it is laudable for an oil company to invest in green technologies, BP did it with "appropriate humility that admits its own guilt while setting the stage for conversion to alternative energy sources" (Ottman, 2002). Meantime she says to Exxon, "ake Up!" because Exxon was at that time running "green-themed" ads that spoke to the need to "find more oil."

In still another green marketing-themed article from Ottman, she writes in the publication in Business that while the George . Bush Administration "abdicates responsibility for a strong response to slowing down" global climate change, Bush's lack of leadership on the issue opened a "unique window of opportunity for America's advertisers and marketers" (Ottman, 2002). That advice to advertisers and marketers is this: using the same effective…

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Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz an Analysis
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Moreover, Malachi Martin describes the theology as "a freeing from political oppression, economic want, and misery here on earth. More specifically still…a freeing from political domination by the capitalism of the United States."

Furthermore, though it grew out of the unrest in Latin America "with its political domination by strong-arm leaders and monopolistic oligarchies," viewed by members of the Church as a direct result of American capitalism, the events in Latin America were preceded by a much more basic historical development -- the "rights of man" extrapolated from the French Revolution and re-coined as the "rights of the working man."

The spread of Marxist doctrine in the early twentieth century saw its incorporation into Catholic theology by several prominent professors right up to the time of the Second Vatican Council, upon which Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz certainly based her theology, and pursued her concept of "evangelical poverty": union with the…


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