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Presidential Debate

Domestic Policy Presidential Debate 2012

The two presidential candidates, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, held a debate regarding domestic policy issues in Denver, CO. The main focus of the debate was the state of the United States economy, but other issues were discussed as well. Of course, the economy was the most prevalent because most of the other issues related to it in some way. This paper will look at the debate from a personal perspective and examine not only the topics, but how the moderator did and whether the candidates should have examined other topics.

The debate opened with the President committing to a talking point related to the economy that discussed taxation policy and its relation to providing robustness. The basic difference between Republicans, whose base holds to a conservative economic stance, and the Democrats, whose base promotes a Keynesian stance, is where revenue should come from and how to use that capital. The Keynesian theory states that it is the job of the federal government to influence the economy and to help it grow. This is done through strict regulation of markets, taxation, and money provided by the government to increase jobs in certain sectors. The President argued in this debate that his policies had been successful, but that it takes a long time to recover from the devastation caused by years of poorly imagined policies (basically the blame Bush for the problem strategy). Governor Romney countered consistently that the private sector controls the economy and it is the job of the government to assist the private sector, not contain it. Romney said he would do this by providing tax breaks along with closing tax loop holes, increasing trade with partners in Latin America, and promote small business rather than taxing them more heavily. The Republican stance, following classical economic (some call them trickle-down, or supply-side) theories, is to promote the free market economy rather than limiting it.

Another issue that has been prominent in the campaign and was a feature in the debates is that of health care. The current Democrat belief is that healthcare is unfair for many Americans and the government needs to protect all of its people by reining in health insurance providers and making them cover every single person. The problem Romney had with the present legislation was that it punishes many people, he repeated the line that people would see a $2,500 yearly increase in premiums if the plan was allowed to be implemented, rather than provide the help it is supposed to. Romney also mentioned that health care boards would be deciding the fate of patients rather than the individual and their doctor. President Obama countered this…

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