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¶ … e-mail marketing campaign Delta Airlines (www.delta.) identify: • Among existing Delta Skymiles members visit Sky Club • Would attend Sky Club membership lower, $100 current $300.

E-mail marketing campaign for Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is a reputable organization, a leader in the airline services industry. Still, it has to recognize that the societies are rapidly evolving and that a massive part of this development is due to the advancements in the community of Information Technology.

IT was initially an isolated preoccupation, but it gradually became transformed into the most popular development of the modern day society. IT applications and features impact all aspects of the every day life, from the preparation of the meals to the completion of the professional tasks.

Within the organizational climate, Information Technology and Communication is present at all levels and influences all types of operations, from the management of the staff members, to the completion of the operational tasks, to the means of communicating internally as well as externally, with all categories of stakeholders -- such as employees, customers, business partners, share holders, the general public, governmental and non-governmental institutions and so on (Paul, Eva, Yeates, Hindle, Rollaston, Cadle and Tudor, 2010).

In this context of increasing popularity and presence of IT&C, it is inevitable for the developments not to be used in marketing campaigns. In the case of Delta Airlines, the current proposition is that of promoting the organizational products and services with the aid of an e-mail marketing campaign.

Currently, the airline operator maintains a less technologically developed means of communication with its customers, with the aid of the Delta Skymiles application. Still, at an average level, the individuals using the Sky Club do not go online more than once a week. They usually use the application during office hours, at either lunch time or before they leave the office. This consumption pattern is mostly common to individuals actively seeking flight information....


Nonetheless, consumers not actively seeking flight information but merely browsing would enter the Skymiles Club at night or whenever they have time to spend at the computer and browse through the internet. The reasons for this are complex, including the following:

A fee which has to be paid upon entering the Club

The limited information available

The lack of appeal to draw the customers

The limited feature of the products and services offered on promotions.

Based on these limitations, it is believed that the application could be improved and would as such be able to attract more customers, if it were to be developed. In this order of ideas, the following suggestions would be made for improvement:

The price to entering the Skymiles Club would be reduced, or even eliminated

Membership would be based on loyalty to the Delta flights, such as the miles flown with Delta or the volume of activity completed on the application, such as users with vast feedback would be offered more membership benefits

The information on the application would be better structured

The data contained in the application would be a combination of marketing texts which draw the customers, as well as precise and reliable data which inform the customers.

One highly popular means of promoting the Skymiles program and capturing the attention of the audience is that of sending newsletter emails to the targeted population. The email would be created in such a manner that it is simplistic so that to not create a sense of suffocation for the reader, but it is also informative and appealing to the readers. Emphasis would as such be placed on originality, entertaining feature and the benefits for the users. At an incipient level, the text in the email could revolve around the following:

Our dear customers

Delta Airlines is more than ever devoted to serving your complex needs and wants. Here, at Delta, we understand the needs for individuality of each and every single of our clients and we go the extra mile to satisfy you in every way.

To test our commitment to you, access the Delta Airlines website and the Delta Skymiles Club and review our products, get in touch with millions of customers from across the globe; gain insights into what we do and start collecting your miles, for a multitude of prizes.

Keep in touch for our weekly…

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