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The other dimension is related but is definitely separate. Some end-users are not only uninformed on how to administer electronic health records, they may actively resist and otherwise undermine the setup and these people need to be identified or even removed if they will not play along. It cannot be denied that, when done properly, electronic health records allows for such a seamless and beautiful result. As such, people that are intentionally or unconsciously undermining the setup need to be fleshed out and corrected (Bates, 2010).

The last sentence of the proper paragraph is very important in the medical context because life and death decisions are made (or not made) based on the contents and accuracy of the data in electronic health records. For example, if a drug...


Similarly, if a recent health event like a severe injury or heart attack is not noted, that can sway how the person is treated and in a way that can get them killed if the most current and accurate information is not present (Bates, 2010).

Lastly, while having hard copies is reassuring and because backups can fail, some may like printed media better but the amount of raw material that has to be sifted through and the amount of storage room that is necessary to keep all of that data accessible is just so unreasonable and inefficient as compared to keeping it stored (and backed up) in a hard drive the size of a small shoe box (Bates, 2010).


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