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Employment laws encompasses various laws, administrative means and precedents that describe the rights of people who are working in an organization and also restrictions between an employer and employee relationship. According to Blog 2006, these laws are vital as they help the government in achieving its goal of ensuring that the rights of its citizens are well observed. The laws are laid down to prevent employees from being mistreated by their employers. LAWS TO BE MONITORED CLOSELY

It is so much important for some laws to be monitored closely to avoid a situation where employees are overworked, exposed to hazardous environment or may be employees termed as ineffective without compensation. In my organization there are various laws that must be followed to the letter. Some of these include tattoos in workplace. It is true to say that with time tattoos have gained acceptance in the society but this does not give a reason for them to be taken kindly in my organization. In my organization body art is a big issue of concern. In my organization having a visible tattoo is not tolerated because it is interpreted as something that is handed to the dress code and therefore it is not encouraged. Another reason as to why tattoos are not encouraged in my organization is because the employees are from diverse backgrounds and some may not accept them. As a result my organization does not entertain them so as to ensure that the working environment welcomes is appropriate for employees from all sorts of backgrounds.

Employee's compensation is another law that is taken so seriously in my organization. According to Milkovitch and Newman 2011, compensation refers to all forms of services that are tangible and profits that employees get from their employer. Though some people imagine that compensation and base salary is the same thing that is not correct. Compensation has got a lot more to do with monetary returns from an employer. The main reason as to why employees should be given satisfactory compensation...


According to Richard 2003, if the system of compensation of an organization is in adequate what is likely to happen is that top applicants will reject employment offers from that particular company and at the same time employees of that company may consider leaving their jobs?
Gender discrimination is another law that is vital. It is also referred to as sexual discrimination. In my organization it is a clime to consider sex as a factor when making decisions in choosing who should be given a job or any other employment benefit. Gender discrimination creates a hostile working environment in an organization. It affects employee's performance in his or her work and the person even feels intimidated in her work place.

Business ethics is something else that is of great importance. Ethics acts as a catalyst that makes managers to take actions that are socially responsible. (Davis, 1972), ethics make a very essential component of management as it enables managers come up with appropriate business sense. If an organization's ethics are not observed then the firm cannot compete both at the international and national level.


As vice president of human resources I perform various essential functions. Some of these include protecting the interests of employees and also the entire company in line with human resources rules. I manage by approving recommendations for terminations. I also formulate human resource policies for the whole company. I develop salary structure, come up with appraisal programs, programs that will make the performance of employees better and also develop health programs in the organization. I address company needs and plan training programs. I supervise organizational development that includes succession of employees in the entire company. More to that, a supervise implementations of plans of the organization. This I achieve…

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