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Human Resources Management is basically something that encompasses various activities in an office environment, some of them being: what sort of employees does a company need, what are the best methods to recruit as well as train these personnel, making sure that the performance levels of these people is at its optimum best, and also making sure that the rules regarding management issues are followed to the letter by the employees. Some other issues are those of employee compensation, employee benefits, and so on.

The first step in a human resources management policy is that of 'Recruitment' of the company's employees.

In order to prepare an Advertisement for the purpose of recruitment, certain guidelines must be followed. These are: there must be included, in the advertisement, a complete job description. This must state the 'job title' or 'rank' or 'position'. This means that the person who is interested will know what the job is about at a glance. The constraints of the job or position being offered must also be stated clearly in the advertisement, in other words, it should be clear to the applicant whether the job will be tenure-based or administrative or restricted or whether it will be open to negotiation at the time of recruitment. Once these aspects are clear, then the advertisement must state the various duties expected of the applicant while performing his duties, and minimum qualification as well as special qualifications if any. The salary amount must also be generally specified, and the date for the start of the job must be stated. The deadline for the receipt of the application must be written, as well as the numerous details that are expected to be provided by the applicant, like his educational qualifications, expected salary, his objectives in looking for this particular job, and nay references that would show that he is a person of good moral values.

Certain agencies like the Employment Guide.com dose the entire job of posting advertisements and recruiting suitable candidates for the required positions through the Internet. This is referred to as 'Web Advertising' wherein the entire process is made easy for employers seeking employees and vice versa. There are many such sites and these do a better job of reaching more people because of the wide reach of the World Wide Web.

Another factor that works in favor of recruitment through the Internet is the speed at which things are done; within a matter of minutes an advertisement can be placed, and within a matter of a few hours, a suitable candidate can be found and interviewed and recruited. This saves a lot of money for the company as time and money is not wasted on endless advertising and publicity.

The purpose behind the entire process of recruitment and selection is to hire as well as to maintain a good workforce within the company that would bring immense benefit for the company in its working. The various core values of trust and co-operation and team work discipline and also the staff of a company will maintain the maintenance of integrity and professionalism if the recruitment process has indeed been carried out well. Recruitment can also be of another method that of promotion of a person within the company to a higher rank than that he was in before. This decision ill have to be taken by the management of the company well in advance so that time will not be wasted on unnecessary recruitment processes. Another method would be that of 'lateral transfer' from within the company. Candidates can also be selected from a currently eligible list of people maintained on the company's database, and an eligible person can be chosen from among the persons on this list.

When the selected candidates are called for interviews with the management, they are expected to provide all the necessary papers that prove their educational qualifications, companies that they had previously worked in, the references provided by that company for this person, any special qualifications and the papers related to this specialty, and the necessary permission or nay other documentation needed for him to work in this company. The Human Resources Department of the company or the management will then decide the most appropriate sort of action to take in evaluating the candidate for the job at hand, and determine who is the best suited for this particular job. In the process of evaluation, certain things are to be remembered, and these are that the applicant must be willing to undergo any special type of examination or tests according to the job requirement. For example, when the candidate's endurance is to be tested when evaluating for a job in physical education, he must be willing to submit to a test of his strength and endurance and thereby demonstrate his ability to perform the job to the best of his capacity. The applicant must also be willing to provide proof for the details that he has provided about his background.

The management has the right to conduct various checks on the candidate, like reference tests, background checks, credit checks, checks for a criminal background, and certain evaluations like personality surveys and tests and certain screening procedures may also be carried out, with the applicant's consent and knowledge. When, during these tests, it is discovered that the candidate has willfully falsified information of deliberately omitted certain details of failed to provide them to the interviewees, then he will face being disqualified, and no further contact will be maintained with him. In case the candidate does not possess the minimum basic qualification required for the job, or it is discovered that the candidate has deliberately tried to falsify certain details during the selection process so that he may appear in a better light than that of his competitors, then too he will be disqualified. The legal qualification of the candidate will also be assessed by the management, and if found lacking, the applicant will be dismissed. When this evaluation process has been successfully carried out, the candidates would have been short listed based on the persons who most closely match the entire criterion required by the management for the job, and this list is supplied to the recruiting members of the management, who will use their judgment to select the best person for the job.

Certain legally approved policies have to be kept in mind by the Human Resources Department of a company while selecting and hiring candidates for any post within the organization. Some of these are the 'Sex Discrimination Act' that bars the management from showing any type of discrimination based on the sex or gender of a person. This policy is supported by the various codes of practice recommended by the 'Equal Opportunities Commission'. The 'Equal Pay Act' also bars discrimination based on the wages paid to a male and a female. The 'Equal Treatment Directive' is another policy that is related to the others and this policy prevents discrimination on grounds of gender or marital status or familial status. The 'Race Relations Act' in essence prohibits all discriminations on grounds of race or color or sex or nationality or ethnicity.

It also lays out the recommendations for the employer and the employee as to the ways and means in which to seek legal redress when such discriminations are found to exist within the organization, and sets out the various positive steps that an employer can take to make sure that the issue of discrimination does not arise within his offices. In order to offer aid with the solutions for the issue of racial discrimination, the 'Commission for Racial Equality' was set up, and this commission generally advises employers and employees on these extremely sensitive issues and the actions that can be legally taken to tackle them. The 'Race Relations Amendment Act' of 2000 was passed to help destroy issues of discrimination in public places like in educational institutions. The 'Disability discrimination Act' prohibits discriminations against disabled or handicapped persons on grounds of their disabilities, especially in the areas of the provision of jobs, the acquisition of certain services and property.

A disabled person must be allowed equal opportunity in the fields of the arrangements made by him in order to enter the employ of the particular company, and in the various terms and conditions on which the job is offered to him, and in the opportunities for promotion, training, incentives and other similar perks, and the management must be wary of refusing employment to him because of his disability, and also of refusing promotions and training on account of his disabilities, since he is protected under the law, and the company may be sued for acting against the law. The organization must also be prepared to make any special arrangements of any kind for the disabled person so that he may be able to carry out his duties at his optimum best. All complaints of discrimination can be addressed to an 'Employment Tribunal'.

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