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Emergency Nursing Association (ENA)

Function of the organization, mission and vision

The ENA was developed as an organization to help "nurses involved in emergency health care to pool their resources in order to set standards and develop improved methods of effective emergency nursing practice" ("About ENA," 2015). It also advances the interests of nurses in the profession and provides support in the form of continuing education programs. Its vision statement is "ENA is indispensable to the global emergency nursing community" and its mission statement is "to advocate for patient safety and excellence in emergency nursing practice" ("About ENA," 2015).

Potential advantages of membership in the organization

Membership gives the nurse access to continuing education programs, seminars, networking opportunities, and access to job searching websites specifically for members of the profession. Nurses also gain preferred pricing for certification exams as well as can apply for grants and scholarships to further their education. They also receive a subscription to publications like ENA Connection, the Journal of Emergency Nursing and ENA Newsline to help them keep abreast of developments in the field ("Why join ENA?," 2015). Members receive the benefits of supporting an organization which...


The fee amount is dependent upon the status of the member: whether she is a registered nurse in the U.S. Or internationally; a senior; student; member of the military; or a healthcare affiliate professional who is not a nurse ("Membership application," 2014).

Organizational endorsements

According to the American Association of Critical Care Nurses website, the AACCN provides the following endorsement:

"The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) is the national association for professional nurses dedicated to the advancement of emergency nursing practice. ENA assists nurses in emergency care settings and related fields in understanding the function, importance and impact of the role of emergency nurses through its professional publications, legislative updates and public relations activities regarding emergency nursing issues.

ENA monitors and addresses federal and state legislation affecting emergency nursing healthcare and practice through its networking system of chapters, state councils, national committees and a legislative consulting service" ("Collaborative partners," 2014).

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