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Performance Management: Employee Engagement Surveys and Performance Feedback

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement refers to the extent to which employees are committed to the organization they work for. It is evidenced by their level of energy, their display of personal initiative, their discretionary effort, and their persistence towards achievement of organizational goals. According to Lavigna (2015), organizations with high levels of employee engagement are more successful and productive due to high employee commitment and involvement. Having been a respondent to an employee engagement survey conducted at my previous place of work, I can attest to the positive effects these surveys have on employee morale, quality of products, and an organization's overall performance.

Contrary to popular belief - that the main aim of employee engagement surveys is to measure how happy consumers are and how satisfied they are with their jobs - these surveys are more concerned with the effect employee's self-efficacy has on individual as well as organizational performance. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to communicate both positive and negative feedback to all respondents of the survey in order...


However, feedback is the most critical part of employee engagement surveys because it facilitates change, which in turn leads to better performance. Feedback and communication makes it easier for employees to identify the areas they need to improve on, in order to raise and maintain their levels of engagement. Furthermore, by continuous interactions with the respondents, an organization will be in a better position to comprehend what drives the employees' engagement, and will strengthen these factors in order to succeed.

Theriou and Chatzoglou (2008) also state that employees need to understand how various HR practices contribute to the success of the organization. Therefore, when employees receive proper feedback from employee engagement surveys, they are able to appreciate their contributions to the organization, which boosts their morale and also leads to improved performance.

Part 2: Performance feedback

In any organization, good relationships between the management team and the employees are often cultivated from their interactions, and they depend on how well they communicate. Therefore, it is important for managers to provide feedback when necessary.

Three tips on how to most effectively provide feedback

The first tip for managers is to provide both positive…

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