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" At the same time, it may be a lesson in perspective given that pigs are smarter than dogs and no less appreciative of human companionship than dogs when befriended instead of raised somewhat inhumanely and slaughtered for food.

The Plight of the Polar Bear

According to environmental experts like Kassie Siegel of the Centre for Biological Diversity, based in California, the natural habitat of the Polar Bear is disappearing too fast to sustain the species in the wild for much longer. Global climate change has caused so much of the Arctic ice to melt that Polar bears are unable to pursue...


Andrew Derocher of the University of Alberta and head of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) Polar Bear Specialist Group suggests,

"There is no easy conservation fix…without stabilizing the climate by taking serious and urgent action on climate change, I don't see a future for polar bears at all."

In the meantime, Siegel acknowledges that it is unrealistic to attempt to interfere with the traditional hunting practices of the native Arctic people who have hunted Polar Bear since prehistoric times.

"When there is minimal effort to deal with climate change in the South, it's a bit much to tell Arctic people to stop hunting."

That may be especially true in light of licenses issued in Canada for game Polar Bear hunting. Ultimately, it is ironic that the same efforts necessary to save the Polar Bears might be necessary to save the entire biosphere for benefit of human…

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