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Ethical Dilemma Resolutions

The ethical requirements in the medical profession are greater than in most others. The issue of health and trust are most exemplified in medical practices, and the need for open and honest connections are very important. This is nothing new, but the demands of nursing in today's day and age due to technological advances and social and political reform have impacted the very core of the nursing profession. "Nurses are experiencing new ethical issues as a result of global developments and changes in health care. With health care becoming increasingly sophisticated, and countries facing challenges of graying population, ethical issues involved in health care are bound to expand in quantity and in depth. Nurses need to critically think through their decisions, be willing to be flexible, and know what they do and do not know, as well as be aware of the many ways to approach a decision. Their vocational training should be based on pedagogy that facilitates learning to instill in them codes of ethical conduct and ethical decision making." (Hsu, 2011).

In the case study example the ethical dilemma is quite clear. There is a disagreement between custodianship of a child. In other words, whose job is it to look out for the child's best interests ? It is first necessary to understand that this problem is not simple and that it requires some deep and serious thought to bring about and real or clear understanding of the issues at hand. Most importantly, the idea of best interests are very subjective causing a myriad of problems for the conditions at hand.

The lawful aspects of the case are interesting, as the mother presents only a lawful representation of best interests. The more natural interest lie within the father's demands that another opinion is sought. There is no right or wrong answer in many cases and the role of the physician is not to place of philanthropic good works and moral ascent.

Solving the issue at hand requires a decision making model that can be applied in a simple and applied fashion. Uustal (1993) proposed a very adequate and understandable 9 step decision making model that can be simplified and ultimately applied in this case. The final step of this process suggests that any decision is deliberate. This underscores the human issues at hand. The child's best interests are his survival. Empathy is needed to understand this concept. While his mother's faith is to be respected, the need for intervention seems appropriate with the child's consent. In many instances this very same case could b viewed in another manner, and the right answer would be flipped. This is why the personal and subjective approach to the problem is best suited to alleviate the ethical dilemma present in the case study.

Resolving the Issue

The most logical person to first address is the child. If the child desires to another opinion on his health it would seem that he would deserve such an opinion. Children in today's day and age are often ignored for their insight and ultimately treated as sub-human. A child is not as helpless as it would seem and a 6-year-old child can be quite mature, especially when dealing with sensitive issues about life and death. It is difficult to conceive of a situation where a child independently addressed, would decline further health treatment.

The complexity of the issue is exacerbated by the fact that solving problems like meningitis are not easily solved. The health care's inability to treat patients effectively in recent times…

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