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Private Security Officers Ethical Responsibilities

Private Security Officers

The objective of this study is to examine the importance of ethics in security. Towards this end this work will examine the regulations and laws in this area of inquiry as well as reporting on case law in this area of the law.

Rules and Regulations

The 'Rules and Regulations -- Relating to the Licensing and Regulation of the Private Security Guard Business Pursuant to the Private Security Guards Act of 1987 sets out the regulations for the operation of a Private Security business and the licensing requirements. It is related in the regulations published by the State of California in regards to the duties of a private security officer that any individual registered in that capacity must turn into their director a written report of any incident in which they are involved that results in a firearm being discharged within seven days following the incident. There are specific requirements in this report including the demographic information of the security officer and their registration along with injuries and participants in the incident and if a police investigation followed the incident

II. Training Course

The training course for private security officers "in carrying and using firearms shall not be required of any employee that is not required or permitted by a licensed...


1) The training course is required to meet specific standards prescribed by the Department of Consumer Affairs in the State of California. However, it is expected that private security organizations encourage restraint in the use of firearms unless the private security officer has a valid firearm qualification card." (State of California, nd, p. 1) Training for private security officers relating to the power of the private security officer to arrest include the following: (1) citizen related arrest and associated responsibilities and ethics; (2) peace officer and security guard relationship in conducting arrest; (3) Security guard power to arrest limitations; (4) search and seizure restrictions; (5) criminal and civil liabilities: (a) personal liability; (b) employer liability; (6)Trespass law; (7) Ethics and communications; (8) emergency situation response which includes response to medical emergencies and (9) the safety of security officers. (State of California, nd, p. 1)

III. Ethical Responsibilities & Caselaw

Private security officers have specific ethical responsibilities and must follow the law on any situations they handle involving search, seizure or arrest of an individual. This study examines case law on the ethical responsibilities of private security officers and the following cases are reported in…

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