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ethnicity and stratification is of importance because modern society is culturally diverse, it is important to know what motivates various ethnic groups to strive for success and how social stratification plays a significant role in this process. The opportunity for training and furthering ones level of education is promising for individuals of all ethnicities. Providing there is some form of stratification system within society, it is likely that individuals will view this inequality as a motivational factor to undergo sacrifices and receive additional training for these jobs. This will facilitate individuals in these groups to achieve higher strata in society and be deemed successful. Social stratification is necessary in order to motivate ethnically diverse groups to train for more important jobs. There are three theories of stratification including, the functional theory of stratification, conflict theory and stratification and social interactionism and stratification. All three theories can relate to relationship between ethnicity and stratification in several ways. The theory that applies most to race and stratification is the functional theory of stratification. This theory argues three factors, the first is that some jobs are more important than others are, second, people must make sacrifices to train for important jobs and third inequality is required to motivate people to undergo sacrifices to train for these important jobs.

2) This statement is true as many whites equate racism with individual prejudice and personal ignorance, which allow them to assume every group is racist, and to avoid acknowledging the differences in power and privileges between whites and groups of color. Second, many whites define culture in a way that draws impermeable boundaries around groups, and that views culture as consisting of flat and unchanging holdovers from the past. Moreover, equating ethnicity with race is a related strategy for evading racism, which actually highlights cultural heritage and denies whiteness as a phenomenon worth scrutiny. Furthermore, they evade white racism by constructing sentence that allows them to talk while removing themselves about racism. The final strategy is to avoid use of a subject together by employing passive sentence construction. Though many whites do not support racist beliefs, actions, or policies; however, they do not want to risk breaking bonds with other whites, so they simply remain silent. As suggested by the author, breaking whiteness is needed to learn sharing, listening with other people who are not of European descent, and have the aim of constructing ways of life that are healthy and sustainable for everyone. From this article, the socio-economic status of whites are higher than other groups in the society, they have more privileges as most of political elite are whites, and generally they serve to their self-interests.

3) I strongly believe that race is a socially constructed and disagree with the theory that race is a natural phenomenon. Yes, different races have different physical features, but these physical differences have no affect on the actions, beliefs, thoughts, and…

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