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Executive Business Program

As the world continues to globalize, education becomes more important than ever before. There was a time when experience and a high school diploma could get someone a position, and with years of dedication and experience they would advance without ever furthering their education. Those days are gone for good. In today's world, higher education is the key to being able to define and achieve one's professional goals.

By enrolling in and completing the Executive Business Program, I will be more fully equipped to make choices in my career path. The completion of this program will provide additional career opportunities for me in the business world, and instead of being limited to a narrow list of positions; I will be able to choose from a wide variety of possibilities. A higher level of education is a necessary stepping-stone on the way to one's true goal of a fulfilling and successful career. This program will allow me to complete both my educational goal and my professional goals. The foundational knowledge and specific skills that I gain in the Executive Business program will be something I can build on throughout my career. The program will give me the confidence to make business decisions in the future that will benefit myself as well as the corporation that I work with.

I believe that I am a good match for this program. Many students apply for this program that have never had any managerial work experience. They have no idea if they are a good fit for the program or if it is really what they want to do with their life. I have worked as an assistant manager in a franchise Pearle Vision store, which gave me a well-rounded idea about what…

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