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(FEMA, 2006)

Facility planning is inclusive of the preparation of short- and long-term facility plans. Comprehensive facility projects include the following:

1) New construction;

2) Additions to existing buildings;

3) Renovations of existing buildings;

4) Building systems replacements;

5) Building systems repairs;

6) Scheduled maintenance; and 7) Building disposition (change of use, sale, and demolition). (FEMA, 2006)

Hotel Bur Al Arab in Dubai

Building construction in Dubai is innovative, inspiring and characterized by adaptability to the environment. For example hotel Bur Al Arab in Dubai is the tallest structure in the world "with a membrane facade" and is the "tallest operating hotel building in the world (not counting mixed-use buildings like Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai or the unfinished Rouging Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea). - "Bur" is Arabic for "Tower." The building's external lighting schemes, from white light to a multicolored one, change from one to other every 30 minutes expressing the evening's progress. The building's design is influenced by the profile of an Arabian sailing ship. " (Emporis, 2009)

The following facts describe Hotel Burj Al Arab:

24 meter (79 feet) wide helipad projects from the building 210 meters above the ground;

The Al Muntaha restaurant is located 200 metres above the Persian Gulf, offering great views of Dubai. It is accessed by a panoramic elevator;

The atrium is 180 metres high, one of the tallest in the world;

The hotel features a total of eight restaurants and bars;

All of the hotel's 202 rooms are two-storey suites, ranging in size from 170 square metres (1,830 square feet) to 780 square metres (8,396 square feet); and 24 meter (79 feet) wide helipad projects from the building 210 meters above the ground. (Emporis, 2009)

Quiet clearly this is a project that was given great consideration during the construction and planning phases. Construction in Dubai involved pillars being built in the sea surrounding the small islands and then fill was placed around the small islands and built up to reinforce the islands. Construction in Dubai has been streamlined and has been efficiency due to such a small availability to space.

The Burj Al Arab hotel was constructed as a high rise to make the most use of space and located atop the hotel is a helicopter landing pad which suits many guests perfectly as a choice of arrival to the hotel. The hotel claims eight restaurants and bars in the hotel and the hotel is described as being extremely luxurious. Rooms are in the form of two-story suites" and the hotel's design is on the basis of appearing as a ship sailing upon the seas.

Featured in the hotel is an atrium standing as tall as the hotel itself and Burj Al Arab is armed with 40 butlers with transportation offered by helicopter or Rolls Royce limousine. All hotel suites are complete with a laptop computer, fax machines and a 42-inch television screen. Additionally the hotel claims "fire-spouting volcanoes, leopard-skin furniture..." however to view the hotel one must pay an entrance fee of $55.00.

Burj Al Arab Compared with Other Hotel

Hilton Oceanfront Resort located on Hilton Head Island is also a luxury establishment with various accommodations including those for group meetings, weddings, dining, golf, tennis, recreation and even boasts an ocean tides spa. Both the Hilton Oceanfront Resort and the Burj Al Arab require management at various levels and types throughout the hotel establishment.

The appearance of the Hilton Oceanfront Resort is aesthetically pleasing as the hotel appears as if it grew up out of the surrounding landscape and softly hugs the layout of the coastline. This resort, just as does the Burj Al Arab makes the best use of the natural environment in choosing how the hotel will be constructed and considers the potential needs of the guests while staying at the hotel in the area in which it is situated.

Discussion and Conclusion

Regardless of the type of establishment that management is responsible for optimizing to the satisfaction of the hotel guests, there are many various tasks that must be addressed and the list appears to be one that never ends. However, proper planning and preparation with effective and efficient implementation of sound facilities management procedures will enable the hotel's owner or operator to render effective management in the many area necessary for consideration in order to optimize the stay of the guest.

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