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Fact Sheet on Hypomagnesemia

Hypomagnesemia: An overview

Etiology, pathophysiology, incidence & prevalence

Hypomagnesemia, otherwise known as magnesium deficiency, is defined as the patient possessing a serum Mg concentration of < 1.4 mEq/L (< 0.70 mmol/L) (Lewis 2009).

Differential diagnosis

Hypomagnesemia is often seen in alcoholics, in pregnant or nursing women, or patients with gastrointestinal disorders due to their inadequate intake of vital fluids and excessive secretion. Other complaints associated with the deficiency include hypercalcemia after removal of parathyroid tumor and diabetic ketoacidosis (Lewis 2009).


An evaluation of the patient, in addition to lab work, will involve a full examination and a review of his or her disease history
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associated with hypomagnesemia.


Given the causes include taking drugs such as furosemide; a full medical review of the patient's history must be considered (Lewis 2009).

Physical examination

Common symptoms can be both psychological as well as physical in nature and may include "anorexia, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, weakness, personality change," and tremors (Lewis 2009). Since hypokalemia and hypocalcemia usually accompanies hypomagnesemia, the patient may also exhibit seizures and arrhythmias (Lewis 2009).

Diagnostic studies

An appropriate diagnosis requires a review of the patient's laboratory results, history, and clinical features, given that in some patients, the hypomagnesemia will not be registered in the laboratory results, even though the patient is symptomatic and has a history which would lend…

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