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Family Interventions

-Mother can attend cancer support groups and receive advice and education through other channels regarding proper methods of providing care and improving quality of life for her husband

-Son can explore employment options as well as discuss various needs and responsibilities with his parents in order to determine his most effective utilization within the changed family dynamic

-Father can provide the levels of self-care that come easily, but should educate himself regarding his condition and ease care by allowing others to help when necessary

Nursing Interventions

-Provide educational materials/answer questions for both mother and father

-Assist son with psychological transition of increased responsibility/familial dependence

-Instruction of proper care techniques for mother and father regarding father's condition


Levels of comfort and competence in new family roles should be easily assessed in regular visits through brief questioning. Monitoring father's health through standard vital sign and other appropriate tests will determine level of care; questions determine quality of life. Assessment of son for ability to act with increased responsibility may take a longer evaluative period.

Diagnosis 3

Possibility of resumed smoking
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by mother and father further reducing quality of life and ability to provide care, related to long-time smoker status and high rates of recidivism in smokers, as manifested in (and exacerbated by) the son's continuing status as a regular smoker


To ensure that the mother and father remain non-smokers, and to mitigate the effects (both psychological and physiological) of the son's continued smoking. Son's cessation of smoking would be a secondary objective, but is not immediately advisable given his drug dependency status

Family Interventions

-Mother and father can develop regular responses to nicotine cravings, discuss frustrations

-Son should limit his smoking to outside areas, and preferably out of sight and smell of the house so as not to instigate or worsen cravings on the part of his parents

-Family should make an agreement that son will to leave cigarettes around or share them out, to reduce levels of temptation

Nursing Interventions

-Provision of educational materials and support concerning tobacco addictions

-Provision of quitting-aid substances and devices, if needed

-Developing smoking "schedule" with son to allow planned continuation of his smoking with limited effects on his parents or his wn psychological well-being


Ultimately, only self-reporting of smoking behaviors can be used as an evaluative tool.

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