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Family Relations as Portrayed in Commercial Ads

Family relations are an important consideration in how companies interact with them. This is based on the knowledge that families form the nucleus of the society. As a result, ad developers have realized the necessity of addressing family relations in ad development. Commercial ad development with family consideration has a deep history relating back to the industrial revolution. Intuitive ads developed at the time focused inherently on the social attitudes (behavior and principles) as reflected on the reach of the ad to the society. In engineering the ad, different members of the family, are presented in their demographic role of a society or a family. This analysis will comprehensively analyze thirty-five ads, twenty-four commercial ads and eleven prints ads by examining the nature of family relationships in the society targeted by the each ad. The study will also analyze the dominant family types portrayed in various ads whilst examining the relevant message passed in the ads. The effects of the ads to viewers are also identified.

Discussion of messages that present in the advertisements


In all the ads (print or commercial), the typical family is portrayed to have wanted for a particular good or service. The want graduates into becoming a demand for all members of the family. In any case, the notion that the family requires the service that the ad is championing is paramount. The family symbol in all the ads is based to explain the core products of the ad. The persuasion stretches deep personally, socially and psychologically. For instance, men are naturally seen playing their roles (Fathers day, appendix 4) while women will be seen doing the feminine roles (A Girl's hope, appendix 1).

In addition, the reference to group, cultures and social classes cannot be ignored. In fact, the adverts attempt to ascertain individual roles in a family and their derived roles after affiliating to a certain social lifestyle. The adverts also have inherent outreach to customer support through an advisory measure. For instance, the Kevin advert (My Wish: Seattle Seahawks, Appendix 11) is a replica of social corporate support of the nuclear family. This explains the inherent philanthropic role of corporate bodies in providing the social support medically, physically, economically and socially. A further example of this is the Kalbe social reward (Kalbe, Appendix 11). Therefore, the act of personal persuasion cannot be neglected. The underlying reason is the ability of personal persuasion to appeal to individual demographic identity and natural behavior and consumer patterns.


Further to this, the ads explain the deep family interactions in a social setting. This is based on the power of a family in influencing other members of a family to do things (Young Couple State Farm Insurance, Appendix 11). The primary goal is based on the power of blood relating to the power of seriousness. Essentially, the audience community will overpower what an advert is advocating and interpret it a basic social setting. Ad developers have realized the imperativeness of influence in responding to social intrinsic needs of the viewer. The central goal is the development of viewer-centered perspectives by instilling viewer engagement as well as a viewer-centered response. The basic setup realized in the ads is the power to instigate harmony, good, and bad times of the people living in a given society.

Besides, social engagement has a wider influence on what is considered as a total economic engagement. This analysis will attempt to communicate to the viewer on the importance of instilling social support to educate on the essentiality of family above everything else. The core message passed in these advertisements is cultural values and changing social norms. For instance, in watching the coca cola (Coca-Cola: Ser papa, Appendix, 21), one will not fail to notice the absence of Coca Cola beverage. However, the ad communicates deeper on the commitment of Coca Cola in adding value to all lives.

How these advertisements affect viewers

The audience community has to be triggered in watching or viewing an advert, whether the ad has audio or not, the basic message is communicated feasibly to the viewers. In a close analysis of the adverts in these extracts, one will not fail to notice the stimulation the adverts instill to the viewer. The ad developers have considered the aspect of social cohesion while developing the advert. For instance, after watching 2014 Chevrolet (Chevy, appendix 15), will not fail to notice the grieve factor in the advert.

However, Chevrolet is not a


This is an impetus to the customer by soliciting a social buying force of products advocated in the advert. Secondly, the adverts are imperative in explaining the commitment of the ad in reducing social classes. After watching the ads, a keen viewer will not fail to notice that the ads are based on simplicity. People will purchase a product which does not impose prejudice to a given culture or society. The simplicity aspect is the importance in explaining the effectiveness of the product to the society in minimizing social disparities.



The ad

What is the advertising

Content of the ad




A Girl's Hope

This commercial advertises Olympic games

The protagonist of the commercial is a young girl who dreams of attending the Olympic. The young girl is being inspired by her mother

This ad is influential in how it captures the dreams of Olympic lovers. However, the explanation of social families is heavily explained. The dominant family types in that society are nuclear.


American Family Insurance commercial 2012

This commercial advertises American family insurance

The protagonists of this ad are male family members moving up country with a coach

This ad impact on the basic family on the necessity of social cohesion in responding to social challenges


A touching commercial that stimulates your inner being, turns on memories

This commercial advertises Singapore's education

The protagonist of the ad is a troubled young man who due to lack of education conflicts a lot with his family members

This ad affects to the social construction of a family. In the ending of the ad, a relatives counsels and inspires the young man on the importance of the education


Father's Day - Most touching commercial EVER!

This commercial advertises the importance of a father in a social family- client Philippines government

This ad analyzes the good and the bad times of a family. The ad explains that fathers are not bad based on their role in asserting authority in a family

The ad impact on family relations -- educating the audience community on the fundamentality of appreciating senior family. Also, family members should learn to forgive each other


Make Us Part of Your Family - Rapping California Cow

This commercial advertises milk -- client real California Milk

The funny ad has two girls dancing in their closet with a live cow behind

This ad establishes the good times of a family. In any case, family relations in this ad are explained in greater levels of animal husbandry.


Back Seat Italians 500 L

This commercial advertises the FIAT vehicle model

The protagonist of this ad explains how Fiat connects families from different races. Apparently, the American family buying the Fiat has to drive with an Italian family behind. The ad attempts to explain how the Fiat 500 L. is big

The impact of this ad on the basis family is an explanation how Fiat facilitates language barriers. In any case, the family, which buys the Fiat does not know how to speak Italian, however, after driving with the new customized family they are acquitted in with language. This explains the necessity of social family culture.


American Family Insurance Super Bowl 2013 Commercial Ad - Ambassador Dreams AmFam

Another influential ad of American family insurance

The protagonist of this ad is a dreaming young boy who wishes to be a super bowl star in coming years

This family type portrayed in this ad is nuclear family: a father aiding a son. The father presents American family insurance.


American Airlines commercial 'Putting Them First'

The commercial advertises American Airlines Commercial

Other Flight passengers are honoring the protagonist of the ad, a young black female soldier for having patriotically represented America.

This ad influences social construction in a way people socially respect their country by honoring soldiers.


Pero Family Farms Mini Sweets TV Commercial

This commercial advertisements Family farms mini sweets

The content of this ad is sweets. The ad is aided by two protagonists; a mother and his sons who fabulously eats the sweets

The dominant family type of this is a nuclear family. The ad explains family harmony and how the family sweets improve family relations.


American Family Insurance Commercial

This commercial advertises American Family Insurance Company


Sources Used in Documents:

This print advertises the Kalbe Family initiative

The main context of the advert is a nuclear family matching in front

The dominant family is the nuclear family. The ad communicates on the essentiality of having protection covers for a family

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