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Super Bowl Essays (Examples)

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Ad From the 2011 Super
Words: 973 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31154013
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This leads to psychological tactics being used between owners and customers. During the slowing economy, everyone wants to earn more and save more. Owners should take care to make the customers feel that they are valuable and that the services owners provide are wanted so that customers are willing to go out to eat and spend money. The rising cost of food can destroy a business if not properly handled.

Businesses can do promotions in order to encourage customers. For example, if a customer spends $10, they get $1 off coupon for the next time. When they come in next time, it is helping to encourage a next time. Customers come again because they want to save money and the customer helps them do that. Another way is to run promotions around holidays and have discounted meals or specials. They could do this on days like Valentine's Day or Christmas.…

Social Media Engagement
Words: 1325 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54163054
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super bowl commercials that came out this year and how they targeted different genders. It discusses the role of social media like twitter and websites in speaking out against these ads and criticizing them. The paper lays emphasis on how many companies target certain genders or stereotypes and eventually go on to incur a lot of damage due to the inappropriate advertisements.

The Go daddy commercial was yet another sexist addition to the super bowl line of commercials. Even though the add did manage to get the domain name a lot of business the next day, over all the company incurred a loss of more than seven million dollars for making the commercial (Grinberg, 2013) Surely enough, everyone is used to seeing the sexist commercials every now and then. Sexism and objectifying women has long been used as a media tactic. Apart from objectifying women, gender stereotyping and allotting certain…


Grinberg, Emanuella. "Sexist Super Bowl Ads? #Notbuyingit, Some Say." 2013. Web. 20 Feb 2013. .

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Advertisement IT's Halftime in America
Words: 932 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29075573
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his is because of the fact that Chrysler is now getting back its success, as well as because of the fact that the company now is becoming more and more known worldwide. he utilization of Clint Eastwood was also a stroke of genius. His voice is not only well-known but also authoritative and emotional in a way that only adds credibility to the brand.

he ethos here is thus found on two fronts: the subject of the commercial as well as the way in which it is delivered by Eastwood. When he speaks about Detroit, Eastwood utilizes personal as well-known anecdotes that the country can recognize and that can rally it towards a common goal. In fact, the word 'rally' and the phrase 'acted as one' is utilized many times, as Eastwood stresses, time and again his faith in the strength of the country, as well as its ability to…

The commercial, in my view, is quite successful. This is because it makes use of fantastic appeals processes, especially pathos and ethos. Eastwood's voice also contributes to this feeling, as it is the perfect voice to deliver a message of hope and of togetherness. One needs only watch this ad to feel truly that Chrysler can come back, and can make a difference in America. And one can also feel that the overall message of hope will truly be true, as America will get back on its feet and will truly overcome the current economic crisis.

The advertisement analyzed here can be found at the following link:

Marketing and Advertising Marketing & Advertising 01
Words: 724 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73638554
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Marketing and Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

(01) uper Bowl commercials cost millions of dollars (as an example, companies paid an average of $2.6 million for 30 seconds of airtime in uper Bowl XLIV for the chance to reach a projected audience of 90 million viewers worldwide). Go to this site to view the latest uper Bowl ads. Identify which ad you believe was the most effective for domestic and international markets and why.

The advertisement that I believe has the most appeal to domestic markets is the Chrysler Commercial titled "Its Halftime in America." If effectiveness is defined as the ability to cause the consumer to remember the commercial, to encourage the customer to be engaged with the brand, to bring about a positive customer attitude toward the brand, and to tip the consumer toward converting those feelings and perceptions about the brand into a purchase of the product, then…


Statement of Ethics. (2012). American Marketing Association. Retrieved

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Artic Home Commercial Retrieved

DRNC Forensics Workgroup Planning
Words: 1261 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 30909454
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DNC Forensics Workgroup Planning

It is the duty of this committee to set up sufficient security and forensic measures, while still ensuring "that the event continues safely and at the same time respect Constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and assembly" (Connors, 2007). Because of the highly controversy own nature of politics in the United States today, this will be a calculated effort. Undoubtedly, there will be issues with law enforcement dealing with protesters. The forensics task force must then be fully equipped to investigate any crimes committed sufficiently to produce evidence that can convict individuals later in a court of law.

To get started, it is important to understand what agencies are per feeding and how they will need to contribute their services at the time of the event. For planning purposes, it is important to set these responsibilities as early as possible to ensure that those responsible for…


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Bob Hayes -- Sports Hero One of
Words: 1071 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 24890688
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Bob Hayes -- Sports Hero

One of my all-time inspirational heroes is Bob Hayes, known as the only athlete to win a gold medal in the Olympics and also a Super Bowl ring. Hayes as a young man with a great deal of athletic talent grew up in a segregated community in Jacksonville, Florida, but he went on to dazzle the world with his accomplishments. This paper details that rise to fame.

Bob Hayes struggled from childhood on to become what he knew he could become, and his career should serve as a positive role model for any young man caught in a socioeconomically underserved neighborhood with odds against him because of the color of his skin and because of racial stereotyping.

Bob Hayes' Life and Times

Hayes was born to Mary (Green) Hayes and George Sanders on the 20th day of December, 1942 in a ghetto on the east…

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Weathertech Company
Words: 515 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97149802
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Acquiring WeatherTech

WeatherTech is a strong American company with obvious potential for tremendous growth in one of the strongest sectors of the American consumer market: namely, automotive products. More specifically, WeatherTech would be a safe investment for the following reasons:

The company simultaneously caters to one of the strongest consumer markets but is less directly susceptible to economic downturns than are companies that actually manufacture and sell automobiles. pecifically, the American automobile manufacturing sector has traditionally been one of the strongest sectors in American business. Nevertheless, as became apparent during the recent economic recession, consumer spending on automobiles is susceptible to macro-economic variables and fluctuation in the strength of the national economy. Because the company does not actually manufacture automobiles but produces products that are in demand by both new truck purchasers and consumers wishing to extend the working life and quality of their older trucks, the company is much…

Source Consulted

WeatherTech. (2014). Homepage. Retrieved online:

Glenn Beck Glenn Beck Most
Words: 1241 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52094421
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This is, to me, a more egregious crime than the act of aborting.

Therefore, you and Pat make many valid points in supporting the right for the advertisement to be run on television -- and in supporting the content of the ad as well. There is nothing inherently harmful in the Tim Tebow ad.

or is there? eighing both sides, I have evaluated the controversy of the advertisement and came up with several reasons why some Americans might find it to be offensive. I won't generalize and call the opposition "the left," because I believe political beliefs are far too complex to be categorized easily. There are several issues at stake with the ad, which make the ad controversial.

First, the advertisement's greatest strength is its greatest weakness. In being subtle about its true purpose, the advertisement is sneaky. Sure, the ad is not controversial on the surface. That's why…

Work Cited

"Glenn Beck: Most 'controversial' Super Bowl ad." Glenn Feb 8, 2010. Accessed Feb 8, 2010 from

NFL Foundation
Words: 3936 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26156103
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Their activities and support of the foundation; enable the league to demonstrate a higher purpose which is of greater social value. (Ferriter)

In the majority of cases, the NFL is using the various high profile marketing events to illustrate the importance of sports in promoting various charity related events. The Super Bowl is the biggest event with it using the game as an avenue to help the community which is hosting it. At the same time, it is an avenue for helping to promote social responsibility. Evidence of this can be seen with Babiak & olfe (2006) saying, "The NFL is becoming progressively more invested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in an effort to establish itself as a socially conscious organization, one based on the twin pillars of football and the community. As the proverbial jewel in the NFL's crown, the Super Bowl is an institution composed of many…

Works Cited

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"NFL Foundation Kicks Off Summer With Nearly $700,000 in Grants to Youth Football Camps." NFL Communications, 2013. Web. 22 Apr. 2012

Babiak, Kathy and Wolfe, Richard. "More than Just a Game? Corporate Social Responsibility and Super Bowl XL." Sport Marketing Quarterly. 15.4 (2006): 214-222. Print.

Coke Pepsi For Reference I 57
Words: 2036 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84778531
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Coke Pepsi, . For reference, I 57 years male. Written Assignment: Analyzing Advertisements Essay - ough Draft Analyzing Advertisements Overview: Logical argumentation studied accepted forms argument.

The Soda Wars: Analyzing Messages in Advertising

The battle between two soda giants, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, has been raging for many years. Both products are hugely successful, with world-wide brands and a wide array of products beyond their titular sodas. Similarly, their advertising campaigns and the competition that ensues (especially during big advertising events like the Super Bowl) is legendary. Both have recently unveiled several new campaigns that are worthy of analysis. Pepsi launched the "efresh Project," aimed at encouraging civic participation and charitable endeavors. They also released a more conventional Superbowl commercial. Coke has a new campaign called "Stay Extraordinary" and also, naturally, created some one-off Super Bowl advertising. While Pepsi's charitable aims are admirable, Coke provides more compelling, innovative, and amusing content…


Coca-Cola. (2011, February 3). Border. YouTube. Retrieved March 20, 2011, from 

Coca-Cola. (2011, March 15). Stay Extraordinary. YouTube. Retrieved March 20, 2011,


Pepsi. (2011, March 09). Pepsi Refreshes Communities. YouTube. Retrieved March 20,

Analyzing NFL News Article
Words: 988 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 81757202
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AFC Championship Game, the Denver Broncos will host the New England Patriots, and these two will be meeting for the second time in a period of three years. This is bound to be a major tie. hat is at stake is huge with the winner of the NFL game progressing on to Super Bowl 50 (Orr, 2016). Amongst the teams that have battled it out in at least eight conference championship matchups from the time of the merger, it is the Broncos that have a better record compared to the Patriots. The Broncos have seven wins and two losses while the Patriots have eight wins and three losses.

However, statistics indicate that the Patriots are the only second team since the conception of the Super Bowl to make it to five consecutive conference championships. The other team was Raiders, between the years 1973 and 1977, who only managed one title…

Works Cited

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Change Management in the NFL
Words: 8314 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 85473156
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Leadership and Organizational Change Potential in the NFL

Organizational Problem or Opportunity

Description of the Problem or Opportunity

Purpose of the Investigation



Summary of Section Highlights

Problem or Opportunity Background

• Current State of the Target Organization

• elevant Organizational Processes or Systems or Functions

• elevant Theory

isk Management

Organizational Change

Lewin's Change Management Model

McKinsey 7-S Model

Kotter's 8 Step Change Model


Corporate Social esponsibility

Investigative Steps

Investigative Approach and Design Strategies

• Investigative Approach

• Theory Thread Strategies

• Data Collection and Preparation Strategies

Investigation Parameters or Limitations


Findings of the Investigation


elevant Analysis

Overall Findings: A Synthesis


Interpretation and ecommendations 34

Organizational Implications 34

ecommendations 34

• Implications for Decision Makers 35

• Future esearch 35

Summary 36

eferences 37

Executive Summary

The National Football League (NFL) is currently the most popular sport with American adults, however this position is…


Bass, B. (1985). Leadership and performance beyond expectations. New York: Free Press.

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Why Is Emmitt Smith Important to Our Culture
Words: 3449 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4441398
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Emmitt Smith


I have been a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys and especially Emmitt Smith for many years. For example, one of the most difficult moments in my appreciation of sports occurred when the Dallas Cowboys released Smith and he ended up on a lackluster Arizona Cardinals. This was after he had just surpassed the late great alter Payton to become the number one rushing running back in the history of the National Football League. "They are the two most punitive judgments that can be handed down for a running back: Too small, too slow. And yet that was the harsh assessment of Emmitt Smith, 5-foot-9 and 199 pounds, by the pro-scouts although he was an All-American at Florida. That same Emmitt Smith who skittered and stutter-stepped his way past the NFL rushing record held by his idol, alter Payton, and finished with 18,355 yards." (Schwartz) There are…

Works Cited

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Television Ratings Are Most Frequently
Words: 845 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98041146
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(eilly, 1980) The program had the highest per episode viewer ratings of any before it and the plot has been called "the shot cheered round the world." (eilly, 1980) Another great example is the M.A.S.H. season finale, as the program held a huge record for most viewers of any finale in television history and the viewership record has served as an enduring benchmark in television until the Super Bowl XLIV, in 2010, when the battered city of New Orleans LA sent the Saints to the super bowl and the whole nation was rooting for triumph for the city, and the team. Many contend that the viewership rating was skewed in large part due to the expansion of the Nielsen system as well as the vast number of televisions in homes today, as compared to the M.A.S.H. finale in 1983. According to the record the M.A.S.H. finale had 105.97 estimated viewers…


Fishman, M., & Cavender, G. (1998). Mark Fishman, Gray Cavender. New York, NY: Aldine de Gruyter.

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drugfreeworld org The public'service announcements
Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Summary Essay Paper #: 36465162
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In order to obtain as much information as possible regarding this site, I registered as a user and began to explore its features. Almost immediately, I received multiple welcoming messages and friend requests. I believe this is especially helpful to a person who is logging on in search of some fast answers and much needed relief.

After I completed my membership, ITR requested some additional information from me that would allow the fellow users on this revolutionary recovery site, to know if I was currently in recovery, or if I was looking for immediate help. It also asked if I was involved in any 12 step programs or recovery fellowships. With the above information, the site can generate my profile and others will immediately know where I am in the recovery process. There is an additional area that I can add in my "Recovery Date" which then gets included in…

Snickers' Thirty-Second Television Commercial During
Words: 713 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75289154
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" And then the candy bar is shown quickly, breaking in half and a voice says, "nickers satisfies."

The ad communicates the product, but as to the benefits -- what are the benefits of eating a candy bar? Nutrition? Not really. it's a clever ploy to get people to eat one between meals. Does it differentiate the product from the competition? nickers is the only candy bar that uses comedy and some violence to appeal to consumers -- young consumers, to be sure. It is targeting a young market because older people know a vicious blow to Roseanne Barr like that (with the full force of tons of wood) would kill her. It could be redesigned to not be so brutally violent at the end, but the ad company placed this in the uper Bowl so they must believe the appeal will be pretty much across the board. But personally…

Suddenly the camera switches to Roseanne Barr, standing 20 feet away from the two men. Wearing a dressy jacket and holding a smaller chainsaw, she yells, "Hey, my back hurts." A millisecond later, a huge tree log swings from stage right and hits Barr very hard, knocking her flat on the ground. Undaunted and apparently unhurt, but dirty, Barr, from a position lying on her back, says, "Now my front hurts!" The ad closes with all brown frame and the words, "You're not you when you're hungry." And then the candy bar is shown quickly, breaking in half and a voice says, "Snickers satisfies."

The ad communicates the product, but as to the benefits -- what are the benefits of eating a candy bar? Nutrition? Not really. it's a clever ploy to get people to eat one between meals. Does it differentiate the product from the competition? Snickers is the only candy bar that uses comedy and some violence to appeal to consumers -- young consumers, to be sure. It is targeting a young market because older people know a vicious blow to Roseanne Barr like that (with the full force of tons of wood) would kill her. It could be redesigned to not be so brutally violent at the end, but the ad company placed this in the Super Bowl so they must believe the appeal will be pretty much across the board. But personally I'm negative towards using violence (even make believe) to sell a candy bar. It is attention getting and that is what the sponsor is aiming for.

Writing in the Journal of Sport Management (peer-reviewed) professor Scott Kelley's research of the content of Super Bowls (1996-2002) shows that "higher levels of affect are associated with advertising goods rather than services" (Kelley, et al., 2004, p. 398). In fact Kelley's study shows that the most effective strategies for Super Bowl advertisers include: a) using "emotional appeals"; b) "avoiding straight announcements…"; and c) "not making quality claims." Snickers qualified on "b" and "c" -- and on "a" too if humor and violence are considered emotional appeals. Sam Westmorland, writing in the Bleacher Report, explains that it's a "hilarious commercial" and has the possibility of giving a "jump start" to Lewis' and Barr's careers. Conclusion: If I was to revise the commercial, I would have the massive swinging log barely miss Barr, knocking her back to avoid being slammed. She still hits it the dirt and gets messy with a shocked face. She would say, from her back, "Now it hurts even more."

Developing Effective Communication in Marketing Through Various Advertising Techniques
Words: 2258 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13332348
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communication through various advertising techniques. The writer explores newspapers, advertisements, direct mail, ecommerce and other methods of attempting to reach the potential consumer. The writer uses 12 sources to complete the paper.

The development and sustaining of any company that offers products or services is heavily dependent on its ability to market and advertise. The use of advertising to communicate messages to the consumer is not a new concept. It is something that has been used for many years to entice the consumer into purchase. Communication through the use of advertising is not a new concept but there are several relatively new approaches being used today.

Many years ago before there was electricity or television there was only one way for a business to advertise and that was through print advertisements. Print ads included things such as posters, newspaper ads and magazine publications. Print ads often contained pictures of the…


It Takes a Cybervillage.(analysis of web sites and Internet services for schools and teachers)

Is The End Of The Ad Slump In Sight?(First/The Question Authority)(Interview)

Perceptions and attitudes about eCommerce development in China: an exploratory study.

ENews, ECommerce, EManaged Care: Managed Care Firm Begins Online Conversion To "Virtual" Consultations.

American Sports of NFL and NBA and Their Influence in Popular Culture
Words: 2030 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 70386722
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ports and popular culture (NFL/NBA)


Pop Culture

Popular culture entails all forms of mass communication such as:





Books and Cartoons and comics


It is somewhat different compared to higher forms of cultural art such as:

Classical music


Conventional theatre

In terms of mass communication, popular culture means messages which are intellectually and artistically limited primarily designed to entertain and humor the viewers (Hollander, 2014). Following the industrial revolution, the people had a lot of time to spare which led to a huge demand for entertainment and amusement and gave height to media. The increasing supply of goods also made it necessary for the advertisers to attract the consumers and mass media could reach a large number of audiences at the same time (Hollander, 2014).


The physical activities have always been in the life of human beings in the form of different leisure…

Sports have played a huge role in the American society on the whole as they have become a necessary part of the popular culture. American football is quite a popular game which brings NFL (National Football League) in limelight. NFL is same to same as other sports have an off season too when they are on a season break. Leagues such as NBA (National Basketball Association), MLB (Major League Baseball) and NHL (National Hockey League) follow the same pattern which builds the hype for them (Lee, 2012). It enables the public to forget all about sports for a while until it swings back in action again. The off season usually consists of training sessions, gym, trading players, NFL Combine and NFL Draft. These activities are heavily kept watch of by loyal fans followed by intense discussions (House, 2012).

Super Bowl is intensely popular in United States. Even the non-followers are somehow influenced by it as they hear news about it or by viewing it. The news channels mention regularly and social media is definitely on fire with news and updates. A famous band plays during halftime while a draw exists for watching the advertisements during the game and halftime (Lee, 2012). Companies are compelled to dish out loads of cash to display advertise themselves as the Super Bowl progresses. These ads are usually creative and funny and sometimes mixed. People for the sake of fun choose a particular team and cheer it till the end or otherwise friends pick a team and contend that it will win the title. It's sort of a public gathering event where food is enjoyed and drinks are taken in huge quantities. Tostitos and Doritos are chips found mostly at super Bowl parties while in case of drinks Coke, Pepsi and Budweiser. For the sports fans, it's their day off as they spend the entire day in front of a TV or mocking the opponent's team for fun. TV shows often give reference to Super Bowl just as Christmas and Halloween. Betting on a high level is also involved for the winning team, people are cut some slack from office, schools and colleges as it's the biggest event of the year (Hollander, 2014).

In 'Popular culture and the rituals of American Football' by Mark Axelrod, several cultural practices in America regarding football are mentioned. Before the ports went global, there were a lot of rituals and myths

Regulation of the NFL From
Words: 10136 Length: 34 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 85830645
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On the other hand, we might be able to "incubate" a cable network by playing a Thursday night series of cable games, and such a network could be a long-run success that would strengthen our product as well." (Tagliabue, 2004)

Tagliabue states that prior to proceeding with a new package it is necessary to ensure that this new package is based on "sound television premises and that it is structured to complement our other television packages rather than to cannibalize our Sunday and Monday night audiences and move us down the road to commoditization. As previously mentioned, commoditization is ultimately very negative in a 400-channel universe, and the challenge we face is how to balance the need for revenue and viewers to ensure the long-run success of our sport. In theory, greater revenues are available from cable television, which is both advertiser and subscriber supported, than from broadcast television, which…


Badenhausen, Kurt, Ozanian, Michael K. And Rondey, Maya (2006) The Business of Football. Forbes. 31 Aug 2006. Online available at: 

Barros, Carlos Pestana and Barrio, Pedro Garcia-del (nd) Efficiency Measurement of the English Football Premier League with a Random Frontier Model. Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnologia.

Brenner, Adam (2004) Welcome to the Club. The Business of Football. Forbes 2 Sept 2004. Online available at: 

English Football and its Governance (2009) All Party Parliamentary Football Group. April 2009. Online available at:

Kurt Warner NFL Christian and
Words: 779 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92971226
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Today, when they go out to eat it is not unusual for the Warners to pay for the meal of another family in a restaurant, to show their seven young children the value of charity (Battista 2010). Warner has also unapologetically proclaimed his devout Christian faith throughout his long career, crediting God with his success. This has earned him the respect of even his non-believing teammates.

Brenda, a former Marine, is known for being a strict yet loving parent. The Warners are determined to instill humble Midwestern values in their children: one reason that Warner's faith is accorded such respect is because of his sincerity and lack of hypocrisy. Before every meal, the family prays, and children must obey certain rules such as "after ordering at a restaurant, be able to tell Mom the server's eye color," and "throw away your trash at the movie theater and stack plates for…


Battista, Julia. (2010, January 10). Cardinal's Warner walks away after 12 improbable years.

The New York Times. Retrieved April 9, 2010 from 

Crouse, Karen. (2008, September 26). The rules of the family.

The New York Times. Retrieved April 9, 2010 from

Future of Television I Hate
Words: 4811 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 21513370
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The governments of China clearly believe that if they do not ban shows where the premise is based on the voting then it could lead their citizens to want the right to vote in the government on their own opinions. The influence that television has, in this case by indirectly helping Chinese citizens move in the direction of being slightly more "democratic," is seen as a threat- it is hard to believe that television could threaten the national security of a world super power.

The current influence that television has on individual's lives is only growing stronger as technology continues to develop. Recent developments have shown that television will now be in "three-dimensions," so that individuals who view TV can be full immersed in the movie or show they are watching ("ho Needs It"). But is that even necessary when nine out of ten homes have televisions in their homes…

Works Cited

Adams, Paul C. "Television as a Gathering Place." Annals of the Association of American Geographers. 82.1 (1992): n. page. Print.

"An Interactive Feature." Economist. 29 April 2010: n. page. Web. 18 Oct. 2011. .

Blockbuster Bankruptcy, . "Blockbuster Bankruptcy 2010." Blockbuster, 2011. Web. 18 Oct 2011. .

Chen, Jason. "Google TV Review: It's Kinda the Future." Gizmodo, 26 Oct 2010. Web. 18 Oct 2011. .

The Internal Contradiction of the
Words: 1665 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 19707580
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The majority opinion would be written by the historically conservative
Justice Scalia. His response is characterized by Stout (2009), who reports
that "in layman's terms, 'arbitrary and capricious' action by a lower court
or an agency means the action was totally unreasonable and in disregard of
the facts. Justice Scalia wrote that the F.C.C. has the power under law to
turn to more aggressive enforcement, if it wishes, and that it need not
present empirical evidence of harm done to children by over-the-air dirty
language. Indeed, he wrote, such empirical evidence is unattainable in any
event." (Stout, 1) This sites the one aspect of the FCC approach that may
be characterized as positive, which is that it awards it sufficient power
to restrain broadcasting excesses.
Recommendations for a New Policy:
Beyond this, the policy should generally be regarded as negative for
creating a test of indecency that is indefensible. A…

Works Cited:

Ahrens, F. (2005). FCC Indecency Fines, 1970-2004. Washington Post.

Eggerton, J. (2009). FCC: Indecency/Obscenity Complaints Soar From Q4.
Broadcasting & Cable.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC). (2008). Obscene, Indecent and -

Inspiration for Apple Computers George
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"The rumor claiming that the commercial almost never aired is true," said Clow ( Apple board "demanded that it not be aired," Clow goes on, but Apple CEO Steve Jobs insisted that it be played, and so it was. Clow says that this commercial wasn't just a parody of Nineteen Eighty-Four; "one could almost interpret this commercial as a bleak commentary on society," he writes. It shocked the "PC world into paying a little more attention to their competitors in their field," Clow asserts.

In conclusion, TV Guide called the Apple commercial "the greatest commercial of all time," according to CNN. And while Orwell's book isn't the greatest by any means, it has created an endless number of allusions and references, including the phrase "Big Brother," who, unfortunately, is with us today far more than most of us probably realize.

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Relation of Game Theory and Gambling
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Game theory is a critical form of decision making that is used in various subjects like economy and political science. Its relevance is becoming prominent in the success rates that have come out in gambling and sports betting. The theory is basically an amalgamation of different models of cooperation and conflict between various decision makers (Myerson, 1991) Thus, it can be safely stated that the theory itself is not just one piece of information solidly put out there yet it's a combination of different authors and experts. As mentioned earlier, the game theory has been linked to economic models, science, gambling like poker or sports betting and social situations as well. In the game theory the simplest way of putting it is analyzing the number of players and the moves that they are likely to take. Using this information, a person can guess and figure out the number of choices…


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Vizio Sells Voice-Activated Televisions and Needs a
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Vizio sells voice-activated televisions, and needs a marketing plan. The product is not a game-changer, so the company needs to have a message that emphasizes total value over gimmick novelty, if it actually intends to sell the sets. People buy televisions because of picture/sound quality, then price, and then other features, in order of importance (Katzmaier, 2013). The marketing plan needs to recognize this -- focusing on voice activation will get the company nowhere if the picture or value are poor.

The first part of the marketing plan is the place strategy. Vizio needs to sell its televisions in the places where consumers go to buy televisions -- no other approach makes any sense at all. Vizio therefore needs to look at both online and offline channels. There is significant overlap since most retailers utilize both channels. Key retailers of televisions are Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco and Amazon. Vizio…


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Media Advertising
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Media Advertising: Posting an Ad on Facebook

Social media advertising provides a great platform for enhancing a brand message's reach and influencing prospects at the buying cycle's middle-of-the-funnel or evaluation stage. Facebook presents a unique marketing plan for advertisers; one that entirely focuses on middle-of-the-funnel offers as a way of influencing buyer decisions. This is quite logical since it is at the evaluation stage that a buyer i) clarifies exactly what they need, and then embarks on the search for a satisfying provider, and ii) is most likely to share information through their established network though a 'like' (Social Media Today, 2013).

In order to take advantage of this aspect, Sushi Fashions, a dealer in ladies wear, handbags and accessories intends to put up an ad regarding its Super Bowl sale, in which buyers could get up to 50% off on the conventional prices - over the entire product range.…


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Sex Slavery ABC News 2006
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(2009, Oct. 4). 25,000 Nepli girls involved in sex trde in Indin cities.

Commercil sex brothels in the towns of Delhi, Mumbi, Pune nd Kolkt feture young girls believed to hve been kidnpped from Nepl, ccording to the rticle. There re n estimted fifty brothels in Pune, nd mny of them re reportedly owned by dult women from Nepl. In those 50 brothels there re bout 500 Neplese girls working in sexul slvery, the rticle sserts. This informtion comes through report tht ws intended to get the medi interested in reporting these terrible crimes. Retrieved Feb. 13,

2010, from http://www.expressindi, com/fullstory.php?newsid=55901.

Hwii News Now. (2010, Februry 10). Hwii mn chrged with sex trfficking t Super Bowl. A mn who is lleged to be pimp from Hwii is being chrged with bringing teenge Hwiin girl to the Super Bowl in Mimi -- nd llegedly used her to mke money. Fred Collins…

and Customs Enforcement agents that they were promised good jobs and a better life in the United States, so they came to the U.S. with high hopes. But when they arrived it turned out that they had to work in the bar for $20 a day until they paid off their "smuggling fees" of around $4,500. Part of their job was to have sex with customers "for money."

Retrieved Feb. 14, 2010, from the Monitor . (2010, Feb. 14). Report: Human Trafficking Big Business in Ohio. This article on WTOV9 tells the story of how teenager Theresa Flores was raped and had photos taken of the act of being raped. The attacker said unless she submitted to being a hooker for his gang, her photo would be on the Internet and everyone would know she had sex (even her priest) So she went along for 2 years. Moreover, the story claims that as many as 1,000 children born in Ohio each year are forced into sex slavery. Retrieved Feb. 14, 2010, from .

AB Inbev's Bcg Ansoff Analysis Strategic Options
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AB Inbev's BCG ansoff analysis strategic options. Please avoid marketing product, specific strategic groth a company. In addition I summarise merger advantages/benefits/opportunities disadvantages challenges sussccessful inits bid buy S

Anheuser-Busch InBev: Market analysis

Anheuser-Busch InBev, is the largest brewing company in the United States, boasting some of the most successful brands of alcohol on the market in its portfolio. The BCG Growth-Share Matrix categorizes all business units according to market share and potential for market growth as cash cows, stars, question marks, and dogs, in relation to their largest competitor. 'Cash cows' generate a stable cash flow but are relatively mature in the market. A good example of this would be Anheuser-Busch's Budweiser brand. The Budweiser Clydesdales are some of the most famous brand icons in the world, and Budweiser is widely regarded as the world's most popular beer. Anheuser has strategically emphasized its 'cash cows' in its marketing mix,…


Ansoff Matrix. 2011. Tutor2U. [online] Available at:  [June 7, 2011]

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Business Source Premier Nielson Library Deals Marketing
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Business Source Premier (Nielson Library) deals marketing issues. The article current ( month). efer text chapter titles heading topic suggestions. Make include article attachment include UL I refer article.

Business Article Analysis

The article that is reviewed in this paper is titled "Off and unning: Professors Comment on Olympics" and presents certain important opinions on the Olympic games. The article presents the comments and opinions of important specialists that focus on marketing and business administration, like Stephen Greyser, John Macomber, and John Gourville. These are some of the most important professors at the Harvard Business School. The most important points of this article refer to the explanations these experts try to provide on the marketing success of the Olympics in comparison with other sports competitions. In addition to this, they try to identify some of the factors that determine the success of the organizers (Greyser et al., 2012). The pricing…

Reference list:

1. Greyser, S. et al. (2012). Off and Running: Professors Comment on Olympics. Harvard Business School. Retrieved August 14, 2012 from .

2. Blanding, M. (2012). Why Good Deeds Invite Bad Publicity. Harvard Business School. Retrieved August 14, 2012 from .

Mark Sanford Was the Governor of South
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Mark Sanford was the governor of South Carolina. He was forced to resign in scandal, but today is trying to resurrect his political career. This paper will outline Sanford's political career, with particular emphasis on the scandal, Sanford's response and where he stands today with respect to his career.

Mark Sanford was elected as the governor of South Carolina and for the early part of his career was a generally unexceptional politician. He went about his job and built a career for himself that eventually landed him as governor of his state. He first came to public light in June of 2009, when he disappeared. News stories at the time highlighted that he was hiking on the Appalachian Trail, which is a long distance trail, a portion of which runs through his state. The Trail is popular, and it is not at all unusual for people to hike portions of…


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Ethical Issues Challenges and Dilemmas That Have
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ethical issues, challenges, and dilemmas that have arisen due to technological advances of law enforcement on personal privacy. Addressed are the major pro and con viewpoints of economically, politically, individually, and socially.

Eight sources. APA.

Privacy and Technology

Big Brother is definitely here. Just the other day the news reported that the average American is photographed nine to twelve times per day. Cameras are everywhere. People are photographed while they are driving to and from work, while they are parking their cars, entering their place of employment, and if the company is any size other than a mom and pop shop, they are watched at work. hether one is making a deposit at the bank, buying groceries at the local grocery chain, gas at the 7-11 store, or browsing books at the library, they are being not only watched, but photographed. From the smallest market to the largest mall, every…

Works Cited

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Digital Big Brother." St. Louis Post-Dispatch. February 05, 2001.


Hamilton, Tyler. "Surveillance technologies nibble at offline privacy." The Toronto Star.

10 Marketing Questions Promotion
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Individuals now have increasing control over how and when they receive information. Promoters now have to take a new approach to reaching potential consumers. The push method of promotion, broadcasting messages in bulk, is no longer as effective as it once was. Now promoters have to be more creative and implement more of a pull strategy to entice consumers. They have to create a desire for the consumer to want to hear the information.

Starbucks -- this brand is likely best target to populations at a national level. Not every country has a culture that values coffee in the same way.

Netflix -- Netflix is also best targeted at a national or regional level. Different populations and groups will have different media preferences.

Local milk -- the local milk brand should target the regional or local level since it is regionally produced.

d. North Face -- this brand could potentially…


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The Relationship Between Dance and Politics
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art form, dance provides the means by which to fuse political and creative power. The body can communicate political ideology, subverting social norms in subtle ways. Dance frequently communicates issues related to race, class, gender, and power. Dance can also be used to either reflect or change values and norms.

For example, ballet was born in the Baroque court of Catherine de Medici, who recognized the potential for dance to symbolize the bringing about of order in a chaotic world ("Baroque Court: Catherine de Medici"). A similar function of dance can be found among the Bedoyo of Java, for whom dance undertook a cosmological as well as a political pertinence: creating or exhibiting order in a world that was otherwise chaotic or unpredictable. Dance reveals the potential for human beings to be disciplined and use their bodies to create order, as opposed to allowing themselves to slip into temptation. In…

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Leadership Is Action Not Position
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The players have a great deal of respect for one another. Though each player obviously wants his moment in the spotlight, they work well together, putting the team before personal gains. In their many seasons of loosing, the Colts have been just as gracious as they were during their Super Bowl win in 2007, where they expressed genuine excitement without gloating. The players not only work well together on the field, but many of them are also active in their hometown of Indianapolis. They volunteer and try to raise money for charities. They understand the importance of the fans, and meet them at many events throughout the year. They seem involved in the community, not like they are too important to be associated with their fans. The leadership of Tony Dungy is both a testimony to their success and a reason behind it. Dungy has given many lectures about leadership,…

Ford Motor Car Co Is
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If Boca Raton, Fla. buys 32 Explorers, we need to let the entire municipal market know about it.

Foreign sales

The key to foreign sales is understanding that the Explorer will be a luxury item in much of the rest of the world. Ford Explorers may be driven by middle-class families and soccer moms in the United States, but the $30,000 price tag is going to make the Explorer an upper-class item in countries with a lower standard of living than the United States.

Naturally, to overseas upper-class drivers, the vehicles they drive are status symbols, and we must focus on the prestige element of owning an Explorer. We should look for luxury lifestyle magazines - foreign versions of the Robb Report, for example - and purchase adverting that focuses on the luxury features and prestige factor of owning the Explorer. Ads with American celebrities, who often are even more…

Wal-Mart Stores Inc Nyse wmt Has
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Bargaining power of customers: Our main question here is whether al-Mart customers can walk away from buying a product at al-Mart and find it cheaper elsewhere. For the most part, the answer is no. al-Mart has built its reputation by providing products at a considerably lower price than its competitors (Is al-Mart good, 2005). Certainly, customers can try to find lower prices at other retailers; and the proliferation of the Internet also allows customers to visit several e-commerce retailers. However, al-Mart's ability to keep prices at rock-bottom, coupled with the fact that it has such dominant market share in America, means that the bargaining power of customers has been trending downward.

Bargaining power of suppliers: By most accounts, the bargaining power of suppliers is poor - al-Mart holds all the cards. If a supplier wants to sell to the U.S. retail market, it has to sell through al-Mart, given the…

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Why Did the Dot Com Industry Crashed After the Boom
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Com industry crash after the boom

This is a paper examining some of the factors that caused the dot-com crash

Many believe the root cause of the dot-com crash was over valuation of stock prices relative to the actual underlying value of the companies themselves. Stocks of Internet companies traded at Price-Earning ratios of higher then 30, buoyed by a speculative bubble. When reality set in for investors many realized that the companies that they were so heavily invested in were little more then money sucking black holes with no upside potential in the near or long-term future. This triggered mass self-offs of not only Internet related stocks but soon impacted the market value of many companies associated with computer, network or telecommunications industries.

This paper will show in fact that over valuation was more a symptom of the speculative boom and was only one of the multifaceted factors that…


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Shipman Is Wrong the Author
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hat this author disagrees with Shipman upon is the issue of hominids being exclusively hand-graspers while apes are necessarily foot graspers. A couple of common observations would indicate that this is based upon circular reasoning. e say apes must be foot graspers, therefore this is holy writ. The issue that this author raises is proven by anyone that has seen apes throw feces or garbage at the zoo bar cages or seen humans without hands trained to manipulate their feet in hand-like ways. Certainly, the issues of bipedalism and hand and foot grasping and manipulation are more complicated and were probably due to environmental issues. Until we know who the ancestor was and where they were from in Africa will we be absolutely certain if the transition to a savannah type of existence to a forest type of existence is absolutely correct. For this reason, examples that she gives such…

Works Cited:

Shipman, Pat. "Hunting the First Hominid." American Scientist. 1 (2002): 25-27.

Iced Tea Marketing in the
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Traditional manufacturing industries are at a loss due to the trade deficit and many setbacks the whole nation has faced. Consumers are very dependent on debt due to re-mortgaging the properties to attain higher loans. Due to the sub-prime market fall, the services sector is likely to suffer a lot. A significant amount of people are without pensions or health insurance. The housing and mortgage markets are still in crisis. Consumers are paying more for the basic necessities such as food, fuel, medical care, college tuition etc. (Hunkar, D. 2009).

To recap, the number one market for Shin Shii tea outside Taiwan would be the United States. Certainly, it can be argued that possibility is there. This would be the best indication that the company should definitely choose a global approach to marketing, rather than localization. The U.S. is also the safest market to start. In addition, due to globalization,…


Chandon, P. & Wansink, B. (2002). When are stockpiled products consumed faster? a

convenience-salience framework of postpurchase consumption incidence and quantity. Journal of Marketing Research. 39 (1), 321-335.

CIA. (2010). CIA World Factbook: United States. Available: . Last accessed 3rd Mar 2011.

Human Resources in the Internet
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In that regard, Human Resources managers have discovered that online networks can help establish unity among employees working much too remotely from other employees to establish any kind of rapport or shared corporate culture through traditional means. Another advantage of this use of online social networks has been their ability to facilitate greater connections among and between groups of employees from different places of origin, backgrounds, and age.

There are also risks associated with the use of existing social networks such as MySpace and FaceBook that HR managers have also had to consider. Specifically, they do present the possible risk of leaking of proprietary information; they can result in damaging statements by firm employees with legal liability on the part of the company; and they can expose valued employees to being "poached" by external recruiters known as "head hunters." Consequently, some companies have embraced the concept of incorporating online social…

2009. HighBeam Research. (January 4, 2011). .

Another use for online social networking in recruiting has been the establishment of professional discussion groups and forums, such as those intended to promote meaningful discussions among members of given fields of employment, such as HR professionals, for example. There does seem to be a potential in this application of online social networks, but some of those efforts have not yielded the productive results hoped for when they were first created. Some of those involved in establishing those kinds of professional networks have discovered that many more people sign up initially than actually participate once their memberships are active. Typically, email updates from those networks are ignored or deleted as spam and some of those who sign up rarely visit or contribute to them thereafter.

Consequently, some organizers of these networks have begun shifting away from the forum-type of networks in favor of using Twitter for similar purposes. So far, they have experienced limited success and they have discovered that there is a definite art to the productive use of Twitter for this purpose as well. For one example, effective use of Twitter requires a commitment to very regular updates. For another example, it has become obvious that certain types of social networks (such as FaceBook) are best for maintaining contact with undergraduates whereas Twitter is preferable for maintaining contact with fellow HR professionals already working in the field who may have less time for FaceBook and MySpace-types of social networks because of their work commitments.

Milk Got Milk Abstract Motivation -- There
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Got Milk Abstract

Motivation -- There is nothing like a good television commercial to make one's day. Some are funny and some can make you sing or dance and the really good ones; well, they can make you laugh and more importantly, they can actually create a need to buy the product that they are advertising. This is also a world of big business. The Super Bowl, for example, charges millions of dollars each year for each 30 second commercial spot. One would think that everyone wants their 'fifteen minutes of fame' so television and radio ads seem like an excellent opportunity to go out and get that fame. That is, unless you are being forced to pay for an ad that you may or may not want to be in. Or worse, what if you were legally mandated to pay for a particular advertising campaign or risk fines…

Works Cited

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Business Plan Proposal Business Description
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Through acquisitions of Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream and Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream, the company has grown to dominate the entire frozen desserts market within the U.S. And has a significant share globally as well. All of these competitors however have taken the traditional approach to frozen yogurt, offering only a very limited set of flavors, most often the most popular in their other products to save on costs. There is no product development occurring in any of these companies with regard to developing high energy frozen yogurt for customers to impulse purchase and take with them. Impulse purchasing accounts for 14% of total yearly sales in 2008 and is expected to increase in 2009 as companies seek to create greater levels of buyer activity based on price and availability, looking to overcome the perception of ice cream as a luxury (Gloria, 2008). The competitive landscape of frozen yogurt…


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Rodolfo M. Nayga Jr. (1999). Retail health marketing: Evaluating consumers' choice for healthier foods. Health Marketing Quarterly, 16(4), 53-65.

Coaches Referees & Sports Commentator
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Digital vs. Film Cameras:

Capturing memories is an important task for many people. Whether it's holidays, special occasions, or just pictures of a random slice of life, recording these precious moments for all time is common in many households. As technology has advanced, new options for taking photos has entered the marketplace, in just the last twenty years -- digital cameras. There are a variety of reasons why digital cameras are far superior to their film predecessors including: convenience, cost, and storage.

Digital cameras are far more convenient and offer more flexibility than film cameras. With digital cameras, the user can immediately see the images they just captured on the screen. This preview image can not only be shown to others, but the photographer can decide if they captured the image they wanted and retake the photo if necessary. In contrast, using a film camera not only means the photographer…

Failure or Success of E-Business
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hat are some of the financial issues that are unique to online monetary transactions?

Safety and security are two primary concerns for consumers buying online, as it is inconvenient to use checks or wire cash online. Using PayPal is one option, but most consumers chose to pay through their credit cards and want some assurance that their numbers are not accessible to illegitimate third parties. Similarly, consumers who access their bank accounts online want to make sure that they and they alone can see the records, and there are some controls to verify their identity. Other concerns for sites like eBay, where sellers are individuals and not reputable corporations, include the fact that the buyers may want to return their merchandise and cancel payment if the goods do not match the product description. (This is the reason for eBay's 'rating' of user reliability). Sellers from all websites want assurance…

Works Cited

La Monica, Paul R. "Dot-com mania, part II?" CNN Money. 12 Jun 2005. 7 Mar 2008.

NFL Retirement Benefits Issues and
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Furthermore, EISA issues aside, according to Linda Sanchez (D-California), "It concerns me when those who work hazardous jobs don't get the care they deserve, whether a coal miner, tire factory worker or football player... " referring to the questionnaire distributed to the NFLPA requesting medical data pertaining to their retirees, she said, "I look forward to timely responses to our questions so we can determine what steps might be necessary that those who made football great aren't neglected."13

AP, 2007

Carpenter, 2007


Professional football is, by all accounts, a violent sport whose participants frequently suffer significant physical injuries on the playing field. Because of the nature, frequency, and intensity of the collisions inherent to the game, especially at the professional level, the effects of football injuries often persist long after retirement. Most insidious are the cumulative effects of repeated cerebral concussions, only recently identified as a specific injury…


Associated Press. 10/24/07 NFL Adds $10 Million to Medical Fund, Latest Step in Dispute Concerning Retirees and Pensions. Retrieved, November 3, 2007, from CBSonline at 

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Conrad, M. (1999) Sportslaw History: The John Mackey case. Retrieved, November 3, 2007, at

Secret Service Protection for Presidents
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Clearly the Secret Service is expanding it's investigative arm; in 2010 the Service established it's second overseas Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF), this one in London (in 2009 the Service established an ECTF in Rome, Italy). The point of the ECTF is to provide an avenue through which European and American law enforcement agencies -- along with private sector and academia -- can work together to investigate, suppress and prevent computer-related criminal activity (USSS).

Again and again in the 72-page Fiscal Year 2010 Report readers are reminded of one of the main missions of the Secret Service -- to hunt down and arrest counterfeiters. In 2010 the Secret Service -- along with local authorities -- arrested four Colombian counterfeiters (in Bogota Colombia) that had been printing U.S. currency and distributing it in the United States. Columbia is one of the most prolific producers of counterfeit American money, the report explains,…

Works Cited

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Fictuality -- Each Mini Project Separately Consist
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Fictuality -- Each mini project separately consist 2 pages APA format. 5 mini project total pages. Additionally a final project totals 10 pages (based mini projects). Final project combining mini project a final project presented a company (management) cut paste.

Consumer decision-making is a process that often involves the word-of-mouth testament of a product or service where the opinion from the use of a consumer is favourable. The process seductively involves the product marketing team's portrayal to the consumer of the brand appeal and in-store value against the competitor. The consumer choice is ostensibly immense in the global market. Stores that range the spectrum of offerings, from specialty goods stores to large supermarkets and to stores such as Costco, Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store, consumers have a cornucopia of choice available.

The consumer decision process (Ashley, Wei, Sharyn, Carolyn, 2005) potentially requires multiple decisions made in a chain-process when considering…

Marketing Manager Interviewing a Job Firms Simultaneously
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marketing manager interviewing a job firms simultaneously. You expect asked questions interview dealing good marketing opportunities firm pursue. You prepared interview a chance offered job, decided study company interviewing.

Marketing suggestions: Low-hanging fruit, home runs, or singles

Low-hanging fruit

One current trend in the food industry is that of highly decadent, 'over the top' burgers. Burgers have become prominent at both the high end and the low end of the food industry, penetrating such segments as Chef Daniel Bouloud's famous restaurant in the form of a truffle oil-infused burger, and the Shake Shack in New York City, where tourists wait for hours for a premium 'fast slow food' burger in Central Park (Dickler 2007). Burger King and Wendy's have featured numerous triple-patty, bacon-stacked creations.

To pick off such 'low hanging fruit,' the pizza company Papa John could offer its own 'hamburger special,' featuring bacon, chopped up tomatoes, and hamburger meat…


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Future of Homeland Security Over
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This is making it difficult for the world community to work together on issues such as nuclear proliferation. (Lewis) (Montgomery) (Zariff)

The main reason is because China has built several pipelines going from Iran into their country. This is providing them with the resources (i.e. oil and natural gas), which are helping to fuel continuing economic growth and the development of Chinese markets. At the same time, the increased amounts of military spending have meant that China has become increasingly hostile towards any kind of efforts to deal with these issues. (Lewis) (Montgomery) (Zariff)

As a result, other nations throughout the Middle East and Asia have begun their own nuclear weapons programs in response to these threats. In the coming decade, we need to redefine the war on terror away from: simply preventing terrorist attacks themselves to aggressively going after those nations that support these activities. This means directly confronting…


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Aaron Copland Outline Introduction A The Purpose
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Aaron Copland Outline

INTRODUCTION a. The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the life and works of composer

Aaron Copeland. It will discuss some of the composer's well-known works, and analyze his contribution to modern classical music.





The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the life and works of composer Aaron Copeland. It will discuss some of the composer's well-known compositions, and analyze his contribution to modern classical music.


Aaron Copland was born in New York City on November 14, 1900, the son of Jewish Russian immigrants. His childhood was typical. He worked in his father's department store on Saturday's, and attended public schools in Brooklyn. From a very early age, Copland enjoyed making up songs, and he knew by the age of fifteen that he wanted to compose music.

He learned to play…

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Sociology Who Am I An
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I enjoy baseball, the World Series (go Sox!) and the Super Bowl. I also enjoy ice hockey and figure skating. In a world where most of these sports are seen as decidedly masculine, I am often a rarity, a woman who enjoys watching sports (minus the beer, of course). In my own family I am an anomaly, too. I don't know where this enjoyment of sports came from, but I do enjoy many of these televised events, and it sets me apart from many of my friends and family. Looking at gender issues such as these can teach me more about life, about how we all relate to each other, and about our own prejudices and misunderstandings. A woman in a sports bar without a man is somewhat like a woman in a locker room - it happens, but a few eyebrows are still raised at the thought. I like…

Pop Culture Trend and Media
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Television Commercials

Although the Internet is the top choice of electronic media for young adults 18 to 24, this age group continues to watch significant amounts of television each week. On an average, these individuals will view between two to five hours of TV a day for entertainment and relaxation. Television advertising thus remains a top priority for marketing purposes, and companies continue to rely considerably on this medium to get across their messages (Carparelli, 2004). Audience ad recognition remains at a high 70%, and viewers actually like commercials more -- especially those that appeal to feelings, use music in a central role, are humorous and tell a story (MTV-3). It is expected that most students in the United States see about 360,000 commercials by the time they graduate high school (Tamburro, 2004).

This comes as no surprise to me. When watching a movie or a TV show, the commercials…

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